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Best Elementor WordPress Themes And Templates 2021

Is Elementor Free?

A lot of people are still not aware of the fact that ever since the launch of Elementor page builder, which has received an overwhelming response from the WordPress community, is absolutely free for use. It is such an advanced design solution for websites and you hardly have to spend any extra amount for using it. Elementor for WordPress is a topmost WordPress page builder which is available for free. With this incredible page builder, you can easily create wonderful and catchy WP websites in a quick time. It offers endless possibilities for your website. You will come to know the best elementor WordPress Themes below in this article.


Being the very first and the only frontend page builder available at present with limitless designs, Elementor has a plethora of useful widgets that you can add to your website. You will just love the stunning template library that has each and every template designed with precision. The free version of Elementor also includes a well designed and out of the box mobile editing toolset. This free plugin has a lot more features that will be extremely helpful while creating your website. What makes this plugin unique is that it allows you to achieve very high design standards while working live on the frontend of your website.

Does Elementor Work With Any Theme?

Basically, Elementor can work perfectly with most of the WordPress themes especially with the Elementor WordPress themes that are designed to show complete compatibility with the Elementor plugin. Using this, you can design the header, footer, single posts, and other pages to take your website to the next level. Apart from themes, elementor works well with other plugins as well. To be precise, Elementor is said to work with perfection for ‘mostly’ all of the WordPress themes. This means that though Elementor is said to work for all WP themes, there are some exceptions.

And by exceptions, it means that you will face a few issues. Those issues can be something that can be easily resolved or can be some serious problem which is very rare though. Some themes that may have a preloader can face some issues while working with Elementor. Like, themes with preloader can face editing issues while working with Elementor. It may result in the screen looking partially blank or fully blank. So for using the Elementor with such themes, you first need to deactivate the preloader. Also, it is better to find out and check the WordPress version and PHP level the Elementor requires to work in harmony with the WP theme. There are many themes that are managed by the developers that will work compatibly with the Elementor.

Difference Between A Theme and A Theme Builder?


As we are very much familiar with WordPress themes, they need very little introduction. A WP theme is a readymade skin for your website. And today, you can find thousands of them depending on your purpose and needs. You just need to install the one you find suitable, import the demo data, use the predefined pages, and get a complete site designed in a very quick time.


There are different themes; some may offer very limited customization options (this the case with most of the free themes) while some may have tons of customization options available for the users. But basically, you as a theme user, have to work with the stuff offered by the theme developer especially if you are not well-versed with WordPress and coding. But if you have the technical knowledge, you can add your own codes or CSS to beautify the theme.

Theme Builder

On the other hand, A Theme Builder is a newer and recent concept. Many of us are not even aware that such a thing exists. What a Theme Builder does is it allows you to add your customized design to your existing WP theme. That means you can replace some or all of the design of your WP theme with your custom designs. With a Theme Builder, it is possible to get a fresh design for your header and footer.

You can also design the archive pages and the Woocommerce products page. The most worth noticing thing about a Theme Builder is that you will never need any kind of technical knowledge for using it. As it has a simple drag and drop interface and user-friendly options panel, you can design everything using it. However, in the case of WP themes, you need to have HTML, PHP, and CSS knowledge for doing customizations in the theme layout.

What Are Some Of The Best Premium WordPress Themes For Elementor?


These are the themes that are made supportive of Elementor.


VW Gardening Landscaping Pro


This Landscaping WordPress Theme is a top-class theme that is designed using top-notch technology. Giving a prominent presence for the landscaping businesses and professional gardening experts, this theme is very easy to customize thus providing a splendid experience to users and end-users. The design is elegant and perfectly suits the landscaping business as it has a blend of perfect colors and images which convey the purpose of your website clearly. It works best with all the third-party plugin and also with Elementor. With all the tools and functionalities inbuilt, it is a fine elementor WordPress theme for your business.

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VW Bakery Pro


This Bakery WordPress Theme is an incredible theme for representing bakeries and bakeshops online. The invincible colors of this theme will spellbind your audience and gives a splendid display of baked delicacies on the screen. For providing the maximum exposure to your bakery business, this theme has SEO optimized codes at its core. With this, your website will get ranked at higher positions and will be easily noticeable to the audience. Thanks to its features and tools, you have limitless options for your website. You can experiment with colors, change the typography, and use plugins to get the desired output.

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VW Computer Repair Pro


Computer Repair WordPress Theme is created for computer repair services and computer shops to get a prominent online presence. While using this theme, you do not need to have any kind of coding skills as it includes the live theme customizer giving you direct options to customize the theme. This simplifies your work a thousand times since you only need to make a few clicks to see the changes live. It has Woocommerce integration for facilitating you with an online store for selling products and accepting orders. You can utilize social media icons effectively for reaching out to the maximum number of people through social media.

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Best 2021 Elementor WordPress Themes With No More Coding Issues


VW Sirat Pro


This Multipurpose WordPress Theme is created to serve multiple businesses. Designed with a purpose to accommodate the varying requirements of a wide range of businesses, this theme has a visual appeal and a professional-looking layout. The number of shortcodes and widgets included in it are very useful in satisfying its multipurpose functionality. Also, you can use any desired plugin with the theme to get the best results for your website. Moreover, this theme works perfectly with Elementor which further eases the entire website making process. It is responsive and cross-browser compatible, thus removing any limitations while accessing your site.

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VW Fitness Pro


This Premium Fitness WordPress Theme is among the best Elementor WordPress themes since it works well with the Elementor. As a fitness expert or a gym trainer, you can make your presence count with this theme as it is capable of creating great-looking websites representing your Gym and Fitness centre. It is intuitive and fully customizable with a live theme customizer. This theme has a plethora of features that will add more to your site. Apart from features, it also has a nice visual appeal thanks to its color scheme and CSS animations. It also includes shortcodes, a newsletter to connect to your audience, and plenty of widgets. 

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VW Kids Pro


If you want to design a website that focuses on kids’ products then this Kids WordPress Theme is exclusively for you. It gives a perfect look to your kids’ centric website as it has playful colors and images that add to the appearance. It works fine with the Elementor that further reduces the need for writing codes. Regardless of the experience, anyone can easily create a website using this theme. The Woocommerce integration is handy in establishing an online store through which you can generate more revenue for your business. The smooth transitions and navigation, CSS effects, and responsive design add further to its features.

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WordPress Theme Builder From Elementor

The WordPress Theme Builder from Elementor brings in a new way for building websites offering total control over each and every element of the theme. It has amazing theme building capabilities and can help you design your website that looks way ahead of time. This WP theme builder from Elementor introduces the Drag and Drop technique to provide an altogether new experience for building WP websites. It will entirely change the conventional designing process. The entire web designing method is streamlined as it incorporates the features that will allow the users with various skill levels to quickly design the website with minimum efforts.

This theme builder offers you the template type using which you can select the kind of a template you are willing to design. You can create a header, footer, archive page, and other post pages. You get the dynamic data that will be useful in building the framework of your web page. This theme builder allows you to set the conditions for determining where you want to apply that particular template.

Best Elementor WordPress Themes for Your Next WordPress Project

VW Ecommerce Store Pro


Try this popular WordPress E-commerce Theme for your eCommerce store. The main strength of this theme is its beautiful eCommerce oriented design and incredible customization options. Multiple theme options are included in it thus making it a full-fledged solution for creating any kind of eCommerce website.  With a responsive and mobile-friendly design, this theme gives an outstanding display of your website even on a small screen which makes sure that you do not miss any traffic coming from the mobile users. Another best thing about this theme is that it works fantastically with Elementor and has plenty of pre-built content if you wish to get started asap.  

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VW Cafe Pro


This Cafe WordPress Theme presents you with a crisp, clean, and attractive design for your coffee shop website. It has a solid collection of powerful features, useful functionalities, and customization options that makes it a one-stop solution for your cafe website requirements. On its layout, you can display the fabulous images of your cafe, the cafe menu, and other information. By adding the logo of your cafe on the header, you can get yourself recognized as a brand. It supports many third-party plugins and addons and acts as a perfect theme for your cafe since it does not have any single ingredient missing.

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VW Medical Care Pro


Medical WordPress Theme is a powerful theme with all the ingredients for establishing a medical care and healthcare-related website. You get readymade built pages that let you avoid the idea of practical page building by coding as you do not have to start from scratch. This theme has sections for displaying information about the clinics, the medical practitioners, and healthcare staff it has and the facilities it provides. Apart from this, there is an option for patients to make online appointments. Thanks to the theme’s integrated drag and drop page builder, you can get as creative as you want and tailor an outstanding website that fits your vision.

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Browse Our Finest Elementor Compatible WordPress Themes & Templates

VW Digital Marketing Pro


Get a fabulous website for your digital agency with this Digital Marketing WordPress Theme. Tailored to meet the needs of any digital marketing or advertising agency, this theme lets you get creative and obtain the desired look for your website using the live theme customizer. It is among the best elementor themes and has compatibility with Woocommerce and other third-party plugins. A vast set of shortcodes and widgets lets you add any content element or post type to your web page. Its design is slightly on the unconventional side, makes your website look out of the box. 

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VW Video Vlog Pro


This WordPress Video Theme is stylish, trendy, and absolutely perfect for starting your video blogs. With this theme, you can build a video vlog or create a website for sharing podcasts. To help you get started in a quick time, it has a nice collection of demo data and pre-built pages. For someone who is looking to promote the products through videos, you can do that with ease using this theme. It is nicely categorized to display the video content in an organized way. The social media icons included in it are immensely useful in promoting your videos and making you reach out to a larger audience.

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