What Makes WordPress the Most Versatile CMS Ever?
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What Makes WordPress the Most Versatile CMS Ever?

No one can deny the fact that WordPress definitely rules the web with approximately 60 million users. This means it is by far, the most popular content management system (CMS). It is considered a go-to platform for every new blogger, start-up, and even big industries and enterprises. Since its inception in 2003, it has continually evolved and today we can see it as the most reliable CMS. Most of the developers say that WordPress versatile CMS ever. There are many reasons that make it the most versatile platform. Let us check out WordPress’s most praiseworthy characteristics that make it versatile.


Free And Open Source

WordPress is absolutely free!!! Yes, it is. You can simply download and use it without having to pay a single buck for using it. Its cost-effectiveness is the prime reason why this software is considered as versatile. Apart from this, WordPress is open-source. This means that you can do whatever comes to your mind. You can simply download and experiment with it and the best thing is that you can give your contribution. Interestingly, you can make any changes in it as you have the access to the core files for making edits.

User-Friendly And Easily Accessible

WordPress is not the only CMS. There are Joomla, Drupal, and many others that can be used. However, WordPress versatile cms ever is still the preferred choice as it is the simplest and easiest one to use. It facilitates easy website building to coders as well as non-coders equally. You don’t have to do any extensive coding or use any complex programs for designing your website. The WP dashboard is extremely user-friendly and does not consume much of the user’s time. Besides this, accessing WordPress is easy as users can access it across any platform. It uses the free license server that allows you to install WordPress with convenience either on Linux or Windows servers.

Reliable And Secure

Invading WordPress is not easy for hackers as it is a tough nut to crack. The makers of WordPress have implemented solid security measures. It ensures complete protection of your WordPress website from any kind of unauthorized access. It has security tools that further strengthen security.  The dedicated team of WordPress continuously strives to improve security tools and bring their new versions for better reliability. WordPress versatile cms ever is definitely having a strong security system for protecting your websites.


As nearly 50% of traffic on the internet is contributed by mobile phone users, making mobile-ready websites is a must. But if you are using WordPress, you will never have to bother since it is already optimized for smaller screens as well. This mobile-friendly nature makes WordPress a versatile CMS ever. The content displayed on your website will get resized and will automatically adjust according to the screen size of the device.

Works Well For SEO

A big reason that makes WordPress versatile cms ever is that it is the favorite of all. WordPress is great for SEO and this is probably why it is considered the most popular and versatile CMS in the entire world. The features included in WordPress have been built for optimizing your WordPress website. So, search engines could easily catch the content and feature it in the top results. Its proper HTML markup works wonders for your WP site. It also uses the title tags and different headings in a smart way.

An Overwhelming Number of Themes And Plugins

You will find a number of WordPress themes and plugins that make the cumbersome process of web designing a lot more simple. These themes and plugins are updated on a regular basis for security updates, for fixing any bug, or for introducing some new functionality. Plugins, especially, are redefined to suit the needs of changing times. You will find plugins for every individual demand for your website. The number of plugins available is huge!

Though these are only a few points, there are still many reasons that contribute in making WordPress versatile CMS ever.