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Check Out The Exclusive Checklist For WordPress Blogs Now!

The success of every WordPress website highly depends on the quality content it has. Your website has web content but, how will you come to know whether it’s good or not? There are a number of ways which enhance the quality of your WordPress blogs. When you apply those concepts and ways to your blog posts, you can see improvement in the quality of your posts. You need to analyze a blog post and determine how you can incorporate the well-sorted checklist for WordPress blogs. You can run this checklist whenever you create a WordPress blog article.

Analyze Your Blog Post

While analyzing your blog post, you should consider the following things.

A strong topic with proper focus keyword

Get a strong topic that is helpful for the blog readers and generate interest in them. Determine the best keyword that enhances your topic. See that this keyword tells what your content is all about to the blog readers as well as to the different search engines.

Captivating headings and subheadings

The checklist for WordPress blogs gives consideration to compelling headings of blog articles. You need to make catchy headings because that is what decides whether the reader will click to view your blog or will simply ignore. It is necessary to learn how to frame headings for blog posts. Generally, people scan and take an overview of your site, so, it’s again important to put compelling subheadings in your posts.

Format your blog post

WordPress Editors

Proper formatting is essential to give a presentable look to your blog. Use proper subheadings, fonts, lists, paragraphs, bold, and various other formatting elements. This will give a nice presentation to your blog post.

Insert appropriate links

Internal Link

Appropriate links are also included in the checklist for WordPress blogs as it adds effectiveness to the blogs. Presence of broken links within your blogs makes your post appear unprofessional. Such dead links create a negative impact on web crawlers thereby, brings your blog on lower search engine ranks. With some broken link checker plugins, you can ensure that your blog has properly working links.

Pay attention to meta descriptions

Meta description

The short descriptions which we see on search engines are the meta descriptions which are even used by the social media websites. WordPress meta descriptions should not exceed 160 characters. The readers come to know what they are going to come across on your page through meta descriptions.

Add appropriate media

WordPress Media

It’s a must to include at least a single image or any other media form such as video on your blog post. You can add audio content, podcasts, and infographics that are helpful in engaging more audience to your blog. It’s a fact that people prefer a shortcut way to get different things. So, if you insert proper media in your blogs, then that would be really helpful for the readers to better understand what your blog is all about. When you come to know the kind of audience you have, you can choose a more precise media.

Proper editing

WordPress offers a preview option to view how your blog is going to appear after being published. Even if you use the text editor, with WordPress preview, you can easily edit and proofread the blog article you’re likely to publish. You get a clear picture about the mistakes in the structure and types of your blog post.

Add Call To Action

Call to action button

You can engage the blog readers in your diverse range of blogs posts by encouraging them to click on the call to action buttons. Also, write a compelling conclusion giving a proper end to your blog.

Add tags and categories

When you categorize your blogs, you can mention the core about your blogs to the different search engines. You can add tags relevant to your blog.


Schedule posts
Properly schedule when you are going post the different blog posts. Take help of editorial calendars to decide appropriate publishing schedules.

So, this is a well chalked out checklist for WordPress blogs which you should follow if you want a good start of blog writing. You can make additions in this checklist according to your blog topic and target audience. Writing engaging contents that encourages the web visitors to go through your blog becomes easy with the availability of checklist for WordPress blogs.

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