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Simple 3 Brilliant Ways Of Converting A Website Into An App?

Which One Is Better: Company Website Or The Company Application?

The first and foremost thing, both, the website of any company and applications (apps) that can be easily downloaded have gained huge attraction than expected due to more individuals preferring smart phones. Devices like mobiles and tablet, and others display these websites in more or less, the same way as in personal computers. With no doubt, carrying personal computers everywhere is not possible, owing to which individuals are speedily purchasing the innovative gadgets like smart phones, tablets, and laptop or notebook for easy access to different websites as well as apps. One just needs to have a good internet connection, which will help access both, apps and websites fast. Now, why companies and organizations of all sizes, small to large are trying to turn their website into app; is another interesting question.

turn Website into app

Of course there are multiple benefits of doing this conversion. Mobile like devices is ruling the world due to internet accessibility and young generation is more inclined towards exploring new applications, such as photography, study applications, apps for job seekers, as well as companies think I should also ‘turn my website into an app’.

For different applications the adult generation is also not less, to be more precise. The higher use of applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter and others are being operated more by adults than youngsters due to free time, the retired adult generation, and the geriatric population (helps them to stay connected with their near and dear ones through social media platforms that are easy to use).

So why turn Website into app?

Let us know each and every benefit of apps in detail:

Benefit No. 1: Offers Improved User Experience

Precisely, websites can be more clearly and are much easily accessible on notebooks and computers because these devices offer the standard display size. On the other hand, these websites if not converted into smart phone apps, does not offer better display and the user might also lose interest in scrolling sideways and upwards and downwards as well. Hence, in order to give the best user experience to users, companies are planning to turn Website into app.

Most companies still doubt and think whether this might work better or not? When they will finally understand the gains after conversion into applications they will later thank for taking the right decision ‘turn my website into an app’. Converting website into fully functional smart phone app will not only give users better experience, but also the company will get more number of visitors and the bounce-back rate will reduce.

Benefit No. 2: Offline Services

Clearly, mobile applications have higher benefit over the websites accessed on computers. There are multiple applications that just need internet connection for downloading, but can be freely accessed offline as well. One of the best examples of such application is offline English to English dictionary or any other language. In the same way companies can also offer offline services for gaining more downloads and eventually obtain higher return on investment, aka ROI.

Of course, to download an application essentially requires an internet connection. But other services of applications like calculator, product comparisons, formulas and more can be easily accessed offline.

Benefit No. 3: Application Notifications

While converting computer website into fully functional mobile app, companies must give more importance to push notifications, which will keep the users constantly updated with new opportunities and relevant services that companies will be shortly offering. Most of the companies offer the option of offline notifications, while other offer online notifications on connecting the device to internet. On the other hand, there are few companies that provide the online as well as offline notifications to keep the user updated when his/her device is connected to the internet or not. Isn’t it amazing!?

Benefit No. 4: Smooth Operations:

Since users know all the smart phone operations, it is obvious that the company’s website that has recently turned into mobile app will be accessed, but taking less amount of time to have ‘hands on’ for users. The recently converted application could be easily operated on operating systems, Android as well as iOS. This will keep the mobile application faster as compared to the ideally optimized company’s website. Also, users will be able to visit the website as and when they need to.

Benefit No. 5: Promotion

There is no doubt in the fact that websites work best on larger screens like laptops and personal computers. But on the opposite side apps also perform best on small screen size like mobiles and tablets. Not to be partial, both, websites and apps are easily operated on their compatible screens. Also, mobile applications provide better branding of mobile applications as compared to the promotion of websites. Companies can choose to promote their mobile application via different social media platforms that are widely used by users, across the globe.

Also, any website into app can be branded through either full videos or creating short videos and promote them through merging in YouTube videos and few OTT platforms. Besides, if customers or users are contacting the company through ‘CONTACT US’ option, the communication with consumers will also be boosted as well as company can well-maintain good (CRM) Customer Relationship Management. This will also reduce company’s cost for branding through other media platforms like Television Advertising, Newspaper Advertising, and others.

Benefit No. 6: Communicative Intended Visual Design

As compared to mobile applications, websites are not very interactive. One of the examples is, when you click on ‘chat with us’ option through website user gets contact number and email address as well. But, when the same company’s mobile application is being used and when user click on the same option, he or she can directly connect with them, since mobile application developers add link on both, email address and contact number.

When the user clicks on contact number it automatically opens the phone app on the smart phone. Similarly, when the user clicks on the email address mentioned with link on it, the user’s Gmail account is opened and it also automatically allows the user to just write the subject and the matter to the company. Also, if the user wishes to visit the company, most mobile application developers also provide the geographical map.

These are the main advantages when the company converts website into app, allowing the company as well as users to stay connected via smart phones.

To turn Website into app, below are some of the amazing ways that will answer your question ‘how to turn my website into an app’?

While you turn Website into app, there are three major choices:

  • Transfer website’s functionality into application
  • Prepare the application with important features and improvise later
  • Prepare the application with precise features

Step 1: Avoid Making Mobile Application Same As The Website

Never think of just converting your website into mobile application, which will for sure cause damage and will come up with several bugs and errors in future. Of course features like less-expensiveness can lure you and also the application will not be designed with quality. To avoid such nightmares, it is better to invest in creating your mobile application in unique style excluding the logo, color, and background design of the company. Also, if the content is written slightly different without changing ‘about the company’ the mobile application will gain more attention.

In addition to this, if the number of functionalities in the website is reduced to only the key ones, the visitors of the company will automatically increase and also the bounce-back rate will reduce if you add the key features and display it appealingly.

Let us get closer to your goal! Being the owner of the company, you accurately know the SWOT analysis. Pick the strongest or the strengths and the weaknesses sections that require assistance. It is absolutely ideal to solve and bring front the core functionalities of the website you might want the mobile application to take over. You can also adjust the outlook and may also need to sacrifice few favors for the best user experience.

It is better if you change few things and prevent offering of the same designed website and application as well. As a company owner, you must look out for innovative ways to introduce your new products and services. Definitely, there will be new automated solutions which will offer your mobile application more entertaining for users, which is associated to the graphics, the main tabs you would want to display, and others.

Step 3: Designing And Its Implementation

Coming to the last step, making your company’s website is definitely not “creating app from your website”. Website into app does not mean just the implementation, transition, or just the design. Transition occurs in business logic, the principles, philosophy that can be kept as the signature feature of your company. It is more regarding turning your website UX in the application or also improve it.

Once these features and associated tasks are accomplished, it will not be a problem for your designer to combine a platform-specific, reliable, and simultaneously a custom application. Nevertheless, a converted website into app interface does not only present whatever you have given, but also provides multiple features including Tabs, Significant Animation, Demonstrative Experience, and Navigation.

The tabs option is the primary and a must have thing in mobile design. The control panel gives importance to most essential aspects of the application and displays your features you want your users to gravitate to be inclined towards.

Significant Animation option is also extremely important since it discloses multiple choices to help conversion, performance, and understanding.

Demonstrative Experience option helps the company and the designers to offer better touch experience in the mobile application. This includes, while you touch any tab or software on the app, it will make either some sound or vibrate, and also change few effects on the touch place.

The Navigation option on mobile application holds less patience as compared to website navigation. The components appear almost spontaneously, and every feature every element must be arranged in easily accessible as well as hassle-free lists.

Concluding the Blog:

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