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Practice Area not displaying correctly

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    Christian Donica

    On the home page, in the section called “Practice Area” I have a very annoying formatting issue. Please see the issue on my home page: in the first section (Practice Area) at the top. For some reason, the section title keeps going down into the area where the icons are supposed to be. I really need to be able to make that entire section taller (not just the margin at the top) and don’t know where to modify that setting. The middle icon keeps overlapping with the section title, and when you hover over anything, the icons jump up but not smoothly. If I have two rows of icons (4 or more) the second row overlaps with the first row. How can I make this section taller, or why isn’t it automatically figuring this out?

    Christian Donica

    Well, I completely randomly stumbled across the answer to this formatting problem.

    Each Practice Area has its own page (like a post or page in WordPress). When editing that page, look at the menu item on the right side. YOu have to set a “featured image” there. This image will display at the top of the page when it is displayed, but MORE IMPORTANTLY it also is shown in the Practice Area section on the home page and creates the spacing and grid for each item listed in the Practice area. This is not documented at all on the Instructions page ( Yes, there is a red box around the “featured image” area of the page, but there are no explanations as to how this image is used back on the home page. Anyway, after MANY MANY hours of trial and error, I think I’m finally getting this template to work. Wish the instructions were a lot more step-by-step and explanatory and not just a bunch of screen shots with red box around things. Please explain what each is for.

    developer vwtheme


    Thanks for your post.

    Kindly please use the same dimension images which we have used to resolve all your issues.

    Thank You.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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