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Multiple questions for rendering and easier navigation

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    Dear support,

    We have happily used your theme for our French website focus on advice in construction available at . We find it really nice and suitable for our activity. However, we need to perform some additional personalization on some part to offer a better navigation or customized rendering.
    We are using the child theme associated to the solar theme pro theme and haven’t performed a lot of operations.
    Here are our 8 questions:

    We would like to change the footer image. From the appearance personalized panel, it is not possible to modify the default but only put the image we want upon it. It seems we can only modify the backgrounds of respectively the newsletterand footer bg.
    After inspecting the code, we may have identified the source of our problem. It seems we can’t change the background of the “outer-footer” class from the UI. Here the following piece of HTML code discover after some research to guide your response possibly:

    <div class="outer-footer" style="background-image:url('')">
                                  <section id="newsletter" style="">
                   <div class="footer_details">
    </section>                        <div id="footer">

    It seems that the value can be set through the PHP code with the “$footer_backg” variable in the line:
    <div class="outer-footer" style="<?php echo esc_attr($footer_backg); ?>">
    (we have used “findstr “footer_backg” *.*” and “findstr “vw_solar_energy_pro_footer_sec_bgimage” *.*” windows command to trace it back).
    As conclusion and only question, is there a solution to change the outer-footer bg image to a custom one?

    Is it possible by any mean to perform break line and use lists within the text blocks in the theme customization panel (accessible in Appearance > Personalize > Theme Setting)?

    Can we change the number of displayed projects? We would want around 20 projects maximum to be displayed. (or at least manage the number)

    Is there by any means a way to manage what text is displayed for each product description in the product section? It is sometimes too short or too long for us. It does not really satisfy our need (manageable size limit per product or at least have an upper limit).

    For the product section again, can we make the whole box click-able (box, image, title, description) towards the product page or at least the image?
    Currently, only the title (= product name) redirects to the product page and we find it really hard to navigate.

    For the product section once again, we have only three services and want them to be displayed appropriately page-wide.
    Is it possible ?

    Can we modify the character string “PRODUITS APPARENTÉS” (standing for the “related products” of woocommerce) to “Autres prestations proposées” somewhere?

    In the blog page, we would like to avoid the text transformation such as “Upper Case In The Title Effect” and keep original formatting. We have seen that text-transform: none; may be suitable but ignore how to use it.

    We thank you in advance,


    Jean-Claude Carre

    developer vwtheme


    Thanks for the post.

    We have emailed you about the points you have mentioned.

    Kindly check it out and reply to us there.

    Thank You

    Paul Wright

    please make your reply available for all so we too can improve our sites.

    developer vwtheme


    We have added the update of the theme to the client account to solve the issues.

    Many thanks!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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