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Banner getting scaled up significantly (and other questions)

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    I’m using VW Blog Pro and when I choose a banner image, which I’ve cropped to 1284×274, but it zooms it at least 10x for some reason. In the sidebar, it correctly shows my image. Ideas?

    And I had two random new user questions:
    – Are there any themes that have any database integration, so I could create a page that references a MySQL database for example. Perhaps that is unrelated to the theme, but WordPress is new to me.
    – Can I get rid of some the social icons? I see that I can set a URL for any of them but I can’t see a way to get rid of any of them.



    developer vwtheme


    Thank you for choosing us!

    We recommend you use 792×198 pixels banner image.

    Pages are for content that isn’t specifically time-dependent, or which isn’t “blog content”.

    Pages can be organized into pages and subpages.

    Pages can use different Page Templates, including template files, Template Tags and other PHP code.

    More sophisticated themes may provide a wider range of adjustments or display options for individual pages.

    What you exactly what to display using pages?

    Remove the URL from the customizer too get rid of the social icons.

    Thank You


    I tried 792×198 and had the same result. I created an image of the full side of my car and when I chose it as my main banner image, I see an image of part of the door handle (scaled up massively).

    The social URL fields are already empty so that’s not affecting them bbeing there. Every post has all the social button. Even if I wanted some of them, what if I don’t want pinterest because I don’t have an account?

    For pages, I’m looking for mostly static content, like articles I want to be on a page and not in blog format. However, I’m also looking for page content that can be created from database content. From doing a lot of research, it seems like everything must be custom PHP. Very disappointing as that’s the way things were 15 years ago. I thought wordpress could do something simple like display an editing interface for a database and allow the creation of pages where I can create dynamic content.

    developer vwtheme


    As per your query, we are giving you screenshot link in which you will get a step to avoid the banner image blurry.

    Screenshot Link:

    In customizer just add the link of Pinterest and remove it and make a publish.

    You can add only static content in pages.

    If you need any other assistance please let us know.

    Thank you

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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