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You Can Speed Up Your WordPress Website Using 4 Simple Ways

Speed Up Your WordPress Website: We all are aware of the importance of quick loading websites. Speedy websites are essential as people want quick and immediate results in this fast paced world. When people browse through your website, they would only want to wait for a short period of time. Still, if your site is not loading, they will leave your site and move on to some other. Therefore, for lead generation, a completely optimized website is very important from the aspect of fast loading. This article post focuses on the ways to speed up your WordPress website.


Hosting is the initial and an important step while setting up any website. For those who cannot afford much and want to begin their business, they can approach the hosting providers such as Hostgator, Bluehost, etc. Usually, 3$ to 6$ per month is charged by shared hosting providers.

For bigger websites with appropriate budget, managed WordPress hosting services are available such as wpengine, zippykid, etc. Compared to the shared hosting providers, the managed WordPress hosting providers are faster. Usually, about 30$ to 45$ per month is charged by managed hosting providers. The VPS hosting is yet another option to choose.

WordPress Website Optimization

The managed or VPS hosting is something that doesn’t fit everybody’s budget and it’s difficult to change them. Therefore, we need to look for some other things within your WordPress website.

    • Removing spam comments

      Speed Up Your WordPress Website
      It is necessary to remove the spam comments from your WordPress dashboard on a regular basis. The spam comments accommodate much of your database space. You can automatically activate this process using the WP-Optimize WordPress plugin. In order to stop spams from coming into your comment section, you can use simple mathematical captcha or the recaptcha for the WordPress spam comments.

    • Delete the revisions

Post revisions

It is necessary to delete the revisions on a regular basis. Before publishing this post, I revised it many times. Basically, the WordPress saves each and every revision. Even the WP-Optimize plugin can be used to automatically delete the revisions.

    • Database Optimization

Optimizing the database is necessary. For that, you need to know database optimization for revisions and unwanted comments. Check the db for other things such as previous WordPress theme have inserted certain codes in the db or check the previous plugins are having unused columns. The plugins for database optimization include WP-DB- Manager and the WP-Optimize plugin.

    • Optimizing the images

Image optimization is an effective way to speed up your WordPress website. Bulky images make your website heavy and thus, they affect the loading speed of your site. Image optimization for a particular size is possible using the timbthumb script. Also, WordPress offers certain internal functions for optimizing the images.

    • Optimizing the .htaccess files

To optimize the WordPress site, .htacccess files are also important. There are some htaccess codes available that can be used to improve the speed of your website.

    • Cache Plugins

The cache plugin is yet another essential factor that improves the speed of websites. With the help of files and images available in the server cache of cache plugins, your site loads up quick. The WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are the well-known plugins used.

    • Pingbacks and Trackbacks

By pingbacks and trackbacks, we mean your website will get notifications if any visitor is referring the contents and links on your site. It will ping your website. For well-known websites, this leads to unwanted traffic and thus, slows down your website. You can disable the pingbacks and trackbacks by going to admin panel, then Settings and discussion. Even you can do this through htaccess.

Remove unnecessary plugins

You should remove the unnecessary plugins present on your website which are of no use to you. Check the plugins regularly and remove unwanted plugins because a bulk amount of plugins affects the loading speed of your site.

Content Delivery Network

You can use CDN if your website has bulk amount of images and videos. Thus, through CDN, such contents do not take much time to load. Jetpack, Amazon, and Cloudfare are some of the CDN providers.

Pick correct WordPress theme

Premium WordPress Themes

The internet has too many WordPress themes. Easy modifications are provided in them so that the user can make his website as per his own requirements. Some of the themes have too many features and javascripts which make your website slow. So, to speed up your WordPress website, try to pick a professionally well-built WordPress theme. You can approach VWThemes to get the best quality of Premium WordPress themes at the best affordable prices. We offer themes for different professional websites such as Fitness theme, Restaurant theme, Education theme, Corporate theme, Spa theme, and much more. All our themes are multipurpose.

Speed Checker Tools
There are various tools available to check the speed of your websites such as GTMetrix and Pingdom.