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Setting Up Your WordPress Homepage: The Ultimate Guide (2021)

Ever thought about what benefits a perfectly designed and functional homepage can bring to your whole website? The homepage is viewed as a significant component of the entire site. It is something that a visitor notices before anything else is included on your website. Having said that, a website should be designed in such a way that it evokes feelings of quality, aesthetic appeal, and dialogue participation from viewers and visitors. A decent homepage is required for a successful website and also serves as a model for any successful business. However, a bad homepage might ruin your chances of achieving your website’s goals. This article will walk you through the entire process of creating a beautifully designed, setup for homepage on WordPress.

setup WordPress homepage

Before we get into how to setup a WordPress homepage, you’ll need to decide what kind of homepage you want or need. Do you want your homepage to be static or a list of blog posts?

WordPress will display your latest blog postings on your homepage by default. In most instances, a list of recent blog articles is what you want to present on your homepage if you operate a simple WordPress blog or magazine website.

By doing this, your viewers will see the latest articles.

However, this is not a good option for those who are building other types of websites, such as commercial or ecommerce sites.

For a commercial website, you would want to present the visitors with your business on the homepage, while also including a look at the items (or services) that you offer. Also, mention testimonials or prizes from customers.

Lets begin the process of setting up WordPress Homepage.

Your Theme and Homepage Templates

The homepage layouts of various WP themes may differ when WordPress is set page as homepage. The theme instructions may direct you to modify the page design or create featured content areas.

In addition, there is no sidebar widget area for the site on some subjects. Rest assured that if you switch to one of these creative WP themes, the information you have created in your sidebar will not be lost; it will simply not appear on the home page.

Create Your Homepage For A Static WordPress Page 

Step 1: Develop A Static Homepage In WordPress

In this initial step, you will need to construct or setup a WordPress homepage that will be used as the home page. To do that, go to the admin area of your WordPress dashboard, and follow the following steps.

Navigate to the Pages >> Create a new menu.& Add the title and content of the page.

Then, to publish your page, click on Publish.

Step 2: Make A Replacement Blog Page

We need another page to show our blog entries because our homepage will now be set on the page we established in stage 1. This page is intended to show our blog entries as a replacement.

You must complete the following steps to create this blog page for a temporary replacement: Navigate to the Pages >> Create a new menu. Modify the heading of the page. Click the Publish button to publish your page.

This is a purely optional process. If you do not intend to publish any blog entries on your website, you may leave it blank. You may always return to this stage if you desire to publish blog content in the future.

Step 3: Make A Static Page On Your Home Page

The third step in setup of WordPress homepage is to customise the it, you will need to follow these steps.

Navigate to Settings >> Reading on your administrative dashboard. Simply put a static page on your homepage. As the homepage, select the static page we built in step 1. On the Posts page, select the replacement blog page we established in step 2. Lastly, save your work by clicking the Save button.

This may also be executed by using the following procedure, where you need to follow these steps: Select Appearance >> Customizer >> Homepage Settings from the drop-down menu.Navigate to Settings >> Reading on your administrative dashboard. Set the display of your homepage to ‘A static page.’ Choose the page you wish to be the homepage from the dropdown menu. To save your changes that you have made, click the Save button. In your WordPress admin panel, navigate to Appearance >> Menus. Then, in the Pages box, select the View All tab.-Select the “Home” checkbox. Following that, click the Add to Menu button. Lastly, click the Save Menu button.

It is simple to create a custom ‘Home’ link for your WordPress site. This link will always lead to your website’s homepage, regardless of the page you select as the homepage.

Some Options For Blog Pages

WordPress also provides a few choices for the blog page. You may modify how blog post entries are displayed by using these parameters.

The number of post entries that will be displayed on the blog page.

This setting determines how many blog post entries are displayed on the homepage. 

Using paging links, visitors can advance to the next page. The appearance of these page links is determined by your theme. To specify the number of post items to display on the homepage, use the following steps:

Navigate to Settings >> Reading on your administrative dashboard.

The “Blog pages display the most” option should be set to the number of pages you want to see. In addition, you may also choose how your blog post entry is displayed on the blog page. You have the option of displaying the whole blog article or just the summary. This option should be set through the following steps:

Choose Settings >> Settings Check out your admin’s dashboard. Specify the option “Show for every article in a feed”


You may realise the primary function to setup a WordPress Homepage, is of engagement  with viewers should be user-friendly and built to operate according to the demands of each businesses and their visitors. For a successful website, a great homepage is essential and acts as a model for every successful company. We looked at how to construct and establish a static WordPress page as the homepage in this post. Also, we have explored how to get a custom homepage link on the menu.