VW Title Banner Plugin

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Need to add banner images? Check out VW Title Banner Plugin! The VW Title Banner Plugin allows the user to add the banner image on any page, post or custom post. This plugin features 4 different options viz. file uploading option and the options to display the title. When none of the options is selected and no file is chosen, then the title will be displayed in the default manner. On uploading any file, by default, the title will appear over the banner image. With the help of this plugin, you can hide the title if you do not want to display it on the page. You can even show the title below the banner image by clicking on the respective option. The VW Title Banner Plugin is a great WordPress plugin that helps you to select and set the images easily. This responsive plugin is really helpful to display the dynamic banner image with proper positioning of the title. Developed and maintained by the expert hands, this plugin gives a distinct touch to your web pages.



Use to update banner and show/hide title of internal pages.

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