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Some Easy Ideas To Help You Make Money With WordPress Blogs

Do you know how effective blogs are proving out to make money? In this age of the internet, a WordPress blog is a very good platform to earn a little side income. But how do you go about making money with a WordPress blog? Is a popup ad enough to make your day? Apart from that approach, there are many other monetization methods via a WordPress blog. This article post is going to cover multiple ideas to make money with WordPress blogs.

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you can recommend business products and services to people or provide them links redirecting to another business site. Thus, if somebody buys a product through via clicks on your website, you get paid. Either you will get a commission or some percentage of the amount fixed for the product or service. For an instance, you can write a blog post as a product review. You will be paid if your blog results into conversion. A thing to note here is that even if the customer buys something based on your recommendation, he will pay the same amount as that he‘d be paying for a direct purchase.

Google AdSense Advertisements

Google AdSense ad
One of the easiest ways to make money is through Google AdSense. You have to sign up for AdSense and get the ad code that needs to be inserted into your site. Google will display ads that are relevant to your content. If your ad gets impression or clicks, you will be paid.


Rather than relying completely on affiliate marketing, you can make money by creating ebooks as your own digital items. You can make different digital products apart from ebooks based on the topic of your blog post. Promote your digital products to your readers.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored post

Simply by writing WordPress blogs for a company, you can earn huge amount of money easily. Such blogs are called as sponsored posts. If your blog is successful in bringing quality traffic, companies won’t hesitate to pay you for sponsoring a blog post. You can get such money-making opportunities by forming a page on your own website displaying your rates for sponsored blog posts. That’s a good way to let advertisers know about you and your traffic.

Freelance blogging

Your own blogs can prove out to be great advertisements to grab potential clients who would love to pay you for writing for them. Thus, you see WordPress blogs are a good source to make a living. Create your own page on your website telling people how you can prove out fruitful to them. If they like your posts, give them an easy way to contact you.

Membership website

You can launch a complete membership website to showcase your online courses and ebooks. A membership website asks the readers to pay regularly to gain access to a hoard of information.

Charge people for reading your posts

Asking people to pay for your posts largely depends on your popularity. There are many bloggers who found this method successful. You may ask them to read certain posts for free whereas charging them for other posts. This may be a feasible approach for you if your content is interesting and provides essential information to people.


Though people may love to read your posts, they may not always appreciate keeping their eyes stuck on the screen. An audio podcast would be a great option to make them reach out to your posts. Podcasting is spreading widely and a lot of bloggers are taking its advantage. The podcast is a smart way to earn money.

Sell coaching services

If you aren’t interested in becoming a freelance blogger, you can utilize your blogs to sell coaching services. Actually, you are selling your time rather than writing. You can establish your expertise through your blog content, then make money through your WordPress blog.

Sell Leads

The information of your visitors is a valuable asset for other companies. The visitors of an insurance blog could be vital for the insurance companies. They would love to pay you to get access to your visitors’ information. Every reader’s information is called as lead. You can get this information, keep the transparency, and sell it to those companies that need it.

Run a Job Board

Job Board

If you have a wide audience having interest in a particular topic, you can form a job board with that audience in your business niche. Then, you may ask companies who want to put their job ads on your job board to pay you a certain amount.

Sell your blog away

You can get a huge amount by selling your blog right away. Selling your blog will pay you at once for all the toil you did. The amount you’ll get for your blog depends on the traffic, quality content, revenue, and stability of your blog.

Let’s wrap up

And there ends the list! These were some really effective ways to make money with WordPress blogs. You can apply one of them that suits your niche and streamline your monetization way. You can even go for all of them at the same time. That won’t cost you lose anything.

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