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Mobile App Development Guide That You Will Need!

Mobile apps are the blessings for smartphones. There’s an app of anything and everything now days. Apple store and Google play stores have approx. 4 million of such apps. But some of then become lifestyle, some become trend, some fade away with time and some never get the chance to be in light. In this blog we will learn mobile app development guide that you will need.

mobile app development guide

Experts say out of all the apps on these stores only 1% or 2% of them become actually successful. So what happens with other apps? They just lie there waiting to be acknowledged, until due to some reasons they get kicked out.

If you are a web developer and want to make your app successful, instead of studying successful apps you need to study the one got kicked out. The successful apps will tell you what to do and other apps you show you what not to. These are some very important things you should know.

We have gathered some points for you as a mobile app development guide. Take a look at them.

1. Unique Approach:-

As said earlier there are 4 million substitutes already available for your idea. They are easily accessible and may be have the same goal as you. So when you decide to make an app, first thing you should ask yourself is ‘What new am I giving?’

Even if your idea has been used by several other apps, you have the chance to be more successful than them. How? By being unique. It doesn’t matter if they have the same idea as yours. If you are offering something unique than them, you should work on it.

The unique approach will make you stand out in the crowd. That can be your marketing base and reason for success.

2. Team:-

App development doesn’t happen just by having an idea. The unique approach may give you a way of being successful. But to walk on it you need a team. The team of passionate web developers can make your idea come true.

A good team work will make it all happen. So in this mobile app development guide, team work is important. You need to lead this team towards the goal with motivation and strong plan. With disciplined planning you can achieve your goal within the deadline.  

3. Target Customers:-

While developing an app for smartphones, you need to focus on two things. How to create what customers want and who are the customers. For example, a vegetable seller surveys the area and stops at the places where he could get more people’s attention. He serves them what they ask for.

Just like that, you need to survey your customers and know what they want. What kind of group are you targeting? These things determine the response and outcome of the mobile app. The target customers can be your loyal customers if you serve them what they want and may need in future.   

4. Market Research:-

When you start to build a new app, you need proper strategy for it. This includes the idea, how to execute it and market research. Market research is basically a survey of the industry. By doing this you can decide what you can do and what not. You can decide where to sell the product and how to do that.

Market research can answer a lot of questions. The answers of these questions will help with marketing and getting returns. It is a constant process as market keeps changing day by day. So even if you launch the app in the industry, keep the research going.

5. Ads:-

After idea, strategy, team work and market research advertising is the most important thing. Marketing needs various mediums to reach people. Through advertising you can use them all to your benefit.

For mobile app advertising you will need to use other mobile apps. Through social media you can reach out to more people. You can run a campaign for this. To hammer the information about your app on people’s mind, you have to appear almost everywhere. That’s how advertising works.  

6. Platform For Development:-

For mobile app development you need to choose a platform on which you will develop it. There are mainly three platforms in the world. They are Windows, iOs and Android. All the app developers in the world choose from these three.

In the western countries like US and UK people use Android and iOs. In Asian countries they mostly use Android. This research will also affect the response your mobile app will get. That’s why you should choose the platform accordingly.

7. User Friendliness:-

While developing mobile app you have to constantly strive for one thing and that is user friendliness of it. If you download an app for some purpose you expect it to be easy to navigate and use. If it’s costing you more time and efforts just to understand then after a while you will give up and move on for the easier one.

The system of your app will determine the user experience and it will decide the ratings of your app. Which in result will affect your profits. So being completely user friendly is the only option that can save you from failing.

8. Budget:-

After planning all the things perfectly, you need to plan the budget of the app. How much you are going to invest and how much are you going to make out of it. This will decide the profit and success of the mobile app you are developing.

Here you need to look into factors that are costing too much but can be controlled. You will have to look closely on what you are spending and earning. This will give you a clear idea of how successful your mobile app is. Budgeting and costing is very important for your mobile app to make new strategies to be successful.

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