How To Create Blogs In WordPress In 2020 - Video Tutorial
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How To Create Blogs In WordPress

WordPress Blogs

WordPress is an open-source tool for creating blogs and websites. Thousands of people around the world are constantly working to design their websites and blogs with WordPress. It is an easier, user-friendly, and fast flexible blog script. It acts as a free web publishing platform. It has a great set of features, designed to make your website a publisher. It can be a great tool to endorse your brands and business. You can also make money from your blogs.

What Are The Things You Need To Do To Start A WordPress Blog?

It involves some steps to start a WordPress Blogs. The following steps are required to start a blog:

  • Select your Blogging Platform: To start a blog the first and the important steps you suppose to do is to choose the blogging platform.

Number of platforms are available such as tumblr, blogger etc,

But WordPress is most preferable pack that stands out.

  • Select Domain Name ( With a domain name, you will be identified by website visitors. It describes your ranking in search engines and characterizes your brand.

While choosing the domain name these things should be considered because it affects your first impression to website visitors.

  • Avoid generic name instead brand able. A generic domain name creates a bad impression on visitors and is not memorable but brandable domain name builds a unique identity.
  • Keep it concise. The domain name should be of six characters.
  • Easy to type and pronounce. The domain name of your blogs should not very difficult to understood and difficult to pronounce.

3.Sign Up With Web Host and Install WordPress: To keep your blogs accessible to website visitors Web hosting provide services. Web hosting saves all the content, images, and files and displays it to the visitors. If you don’t have a web host you will not be able to set up a blog. Use any other web hosting provider that is suitable for WordPress.

The following are step for creating a blog on Bluehost (or any other web host):

  • Sign up with a web hosting.
  • Choose the hosting plan.
  • Pick a domain name for your blog.
  • Complete hosting registration.
  • Install WordPress.
  • Log in and write a blog post.

4. Selecting a Blog theme and Customizing: Now you can customize your blogs once you enter into the wordpress Dashboard.

5. Adding Pages and Posts.

Here is a Tutorial For You to follow to create a Blog

Anyone can create their own blogs by downloading WordPress.It is possible to create our own WordPress blog without having technical knowledge of designing the blogs. You can create amazing blogs with Premium WordPress themes that are available easily..