Get Google Site Links For Your WordPress Website!
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Get Google Site Links For Your WordPress Website!

Websites are the medium to reach large number of audience. Their only purpose is to connect you to more people globally. You don’t have to own more than one website to grab more people’s attention. You can do that with one website only. There are few traits that you should know. By managing them the right way, you wouldn’t have to do much. The Google site links are one of such traits that you should know. Although you can not create your own Google site-link but you can manage it to your benefit. Here in this article we are going to look at ways to use Google site-links to benefit your website.

Google site links

But first let’s see how to create a website in WordPress. WordPress was initially a blogging site, but it has become the most reliable website development platform too. Websites build from here perform great and receive good customer review. WordPress  has two hosts WordPress .com and WordPress .org.

WordPress .org is the most recommended. It’s because WordPress .org doesn’t give anything ready-made but allows you to do anything you want with your website. That’s exactly what we want, a complete authority over our website.

So when you will be creating a website for blogging, first choose your host and that is WordPress .org.  Then comes the most important decision you will have to make while creating website. That is choosing a right WordPress Theme!

You need to buy domain name and then on WordPress  you need to choose your host. When you choose WordPress .org you will have to code your website from scratch. But as said you will have to choose right WordPress  theme. With this WordPress  theme you will only have to add content. And your website is ready!

The website is part of the digital marketing strategy of the company. In this strategy reaching more people is important, but having a good rank is necessary. The SEO ranks are full of rat race. They bring more traffic to your website. But getting a good rank isn’t that easy.

In such terrible race, having Google site-link can add up to your traffic rate. They can enhance the reach of your website. With more viewership you will get good SEO rank and it will result in more profit. When it comes to SEO management you know the part you have to work on are keywords.

But along with keywords you can use Google search site links to attract more traffic. The Google site-links are by far the best source to improvise your website’s check-through rate. This all results in strengthening the SEO of your website. So the question remains, how can you insert Google site-links into your website?

You can’t create your own Google search site-links. Yes! It is impossible to create and own Google site-links for your website. The appearance and display of the site-links are completely dependent upon Google’s algorithm. But there are something you can do.

Here in this article we are going to look at some factors that are in your control. By managing these things you can use Google site-links to your benefit.

Website Name:-

In order to manage the SEO by using Google site-links, you first need to focus on your website’s name. The Google site-links predominantly work on brand searches. Most of the time people search for brand name than the product. So you must have a brand name.

To appear with Google site-link you need to give your business a unique name. It should be something which stands out and gets stuck in people’s mind. The name should be related to the products or services or tasks your company does in the society.

The search algorithm of Google doesn’t work if a person is searching for a brand or service. In few conditions the most ambiguous company names appear in the searches. It totally depends on what’s trending on the internet. The algorithm understands what users need depending on the brand value.

To create such strong brand value you must have a brand presence and total awareness of the effect it holds. Building a brand is a whole process which takes consistency. If you have already introduced your brand, don’t change it just for the sake of Google site-link.

A well established brand name can make it easier for you than changing it and starting it all over again. To take the same company name and turning it into a ‘brand’ isn’t a one night thing. It takes years of consistent work. So starting all over has no benefits.

But if your company is still on papers then you have the time to rethink the name of it. You can plan it in accordance of the Google site-links.

Rank Position:-

When we aim about something higher we should never forget where we stand now. The whole point of having Google site-links is to enhance the SEO rank of the website. By enhancing means being ranked first in top suggestions on search engines.

The Google site-links are only available for the first search result. The website which ranks top on the search engine, gets the benefit of Google site-link. So if you look closely, it goes in cycle.

To get Google site-links for your website you need to have the best SEO rank. And the Google site-links are something that will bring you the best position in SEO. So you need to know where you are right now and aim for the top position.

For this you can check the SEO check list. Here you will get an idea how distant you are from the top position. By having a unique brand name you have established the difference of your company than others in the industry. But along with this you need to build an influential online presence of your brand.

You can check the online citation for usage of your brand name, URL, address or phone number. You can even check the backlinks to your website. These will ensure that your website has a dynamic online presence.  


Another factor you need to look after is the structured data. This structured data is something that helps search engines to understand the data from your website. This structured data of your website is also known as schema or rich snippet.

This structured data can help you getting the top position in SEO ultimately to have Google site-links. If you want you can look into SERPs for several ways you can use the structured data for your benefit. It can really work on your website’s appearance online.

This data includes using event snippets and displaying reviews with other things. All of these things can help you get Google site-links for your website. By using the structured data you can make it easy for the search algorithm.

Due to help of the data the search algorithm will be able to consider site menu, site-link search box, specify your contact us or about us page. With the help of this data you will be pushing things in the direction of top SEO position.

This can be called as ground work for getting Google site-links. But no one can guarantee the positive results. So keep trying!  

Website Layout:-

You will set everything right, do the perfect ground work too, but it still won’t work unless you have a perfect website. What makes a website perfect is the easy navigation and responsiveness. Here the layout of a website plays a vital role.

The layout of the website has to be easy to navigate not only for the viewers but for search engine too. It becomes difficult for search engines to navigate through websites with complicated coding and unclear structure. With such structure it becomes difficult for viewers also to scroll through website.

It can drop the number of viewership for your website resulting is loss of SEO rank. In such conditions it becomes hard for you to get Google site-links.

It is very important that the viewers can find all your web pages easily. They can understand the relevance each page holds to the website. It should be so easy that the viewers wouldn’t have to stress their minds. Without such easiness the search engines won’t assign the site-links to your website.

When you create a homepage for your website make it look sorted and neat. The other pages has to liked and mentioned to the homepage in organized manner. It just reduces the hustle for users. Keep the content short, simple and precise to convey the point.

You can divide the content into categories and subcategories. You can mention them into a menu system. You have to have a simple structure for service or product pages, contact us, about us and infrastructure pages. This makes it easy for the search engines to go through your website and reach these pages.

XML Sitemap:-

Everything that has a path to follow is easy to find. If your website comes with a sitemap, it obviously becomes easy for the search engines to locate. A sitemap makes it easy for the search engines to crawl into your website. It then determines the important pages.

All you need to do is get an XML sitemap of your website. Then link that XML sitemap to a Google Search Console Account. Before doing this you need to make sure that your website has well-defined structure. This will give you a head start with the Google site-link.

As said before the XML sitemap of your website linked to Google search console will make it easy for Google to locate your website and go through it.

To make things easy for the viewers search engine analyzes the traffic of the website. It looks into the performance of each page of the website and prioritize them as per the need. All of this becomes easier for the search engine when you add XML sitemap of your website.

If you want to add on to this, you can monitor your posts closely. You can make them eligible for Google site-link search box.   

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