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Track User Performance With These 7 GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin



Are you looking for the best GDPR cookie consent plugin? It may be possible to encounter privacy regulations like the GDPR and CCPA as a website owner. While these policies safeguard your visitors’ privacy, they can also increase your responsibilities as a website owner or developer.

Almost all WordPress websites use cookies to track visitors for analytics and user recognition purposes, such as remembering comments left on pages. However, to comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA, it is necessary to obtain consent from visitors to use cookies for tracking their activity and ensure compliance with other factors.

A WordPress GDPR cookie consent plugin is the easiest way to comply for most websites. Here, we have compiled a list of the seven best WordPress cookie plugins users, most of which offer functional free versions. Whether you want to display a simple cookie consent banner or require a full-featured cookie consent management platform, you’ll find a practical option on this list.

What Is A GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin?

Website owners can adhere to cookie laws and regulations with a GDPR cookie consent plugin. Once activated, a cookie consent plugin will inform website visitors about the cookie. You can achieve this through a Website Banner or popup displayed in the corner. Visitors can then choose to accept or decline cookies. In addition, GDPR cookie consent plugins, can track user behavior, personalizing content, and carry out other functions.

You can use a cookie consent plugin on your website for the following reasons:

  • Legal Compliance: A cookie consent plugin can make sure your WordPress websites meet these regulations (For example, GDPR.)
  • Customization: WordPress cookie plugins provide customization options for website owners to tailor functionality.
  • Improved User Experience (UX): Websites may use cookies to offer tailored content and suggestions depending on the user’s browsing history.

The 7 Best Cookie Consent Plugins

Properly using cookies on your website is crucial due to regulations. Let’s examine the top cookie plugins of 2023.

1. CookieYes


CookieYes is a highly-rated WordPress plugin that boasts over a million active users. It helps website owners comply with various privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. The plugin also offers a variety of customizable cookie consent banner templates, automatic cookie scanning, and support for popular cookie consent solutions. It is one of the best cookie consent WordPress plugins.

CookieYes offers website owners a complete cookie consent solution with various customizable banner templates that support multiple languages. Furthermore, users can customize the font, colour, and placement of the banner on their webpage.

The plugin automatically scans and categorizes cookies, making it simple to manage and control them. Website owners can also set precise cookie settings and permissions to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

If you’re looking to personalize your cookie banner? CookieYes is an ideal choice. This tool offers over 30 language options and enables you to manage the cookies you gather from your website. You can even view a comprehensive cookie report and create regular cookie scans with ease.


  • The expiration setting of the cookie on your website
  • It supports popular cookie consent solutions
  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress

2. GDPR Cookie Compliance


A popular and free cookie plugin, GDPR Cookie Compliance, is available for download and includes the option to upgrade to a premium version with extra features, similar to other plugins. The plugin is named after GDPR but is compatible with other cookie regulations such as CCPA, PIPEDA, and LGPD.

The free version of the plugin is designed to create a cookie consent banner that can be activated by user actions like scrolling or clicking on a link. The premium version offers more advanced compliance management features, such as consent logs and cookie blocking until acceptance.

The plugin’s main feature is its customizable cookie consent banner, which can be styled to match the website’s design and branding. The banner can be triggered based on user actions, and options for accepting or rejecting cookies can be included.

GDPR Cookie Compliance also has the option to block scripts and cookies until consent is obtained, which ensures compliance with cookie regulations. The plugin includes an automatic cookie scanner that detects cookies on the website and generates a cookie declaration to provide transparent information about the cookies used on the site.

This plugin is best suited for website owners who need a simple and effective way to comply with cookie regulations. It is particularly helpful for small businesses and bloggers who want a lightweight solution that doesn’t slow down their website. For those who need additional features, such as lead generation tools, OptinMonster is an excellent choice.


  • Affordable price
  • Automatic cookie scanner
  • You can customize the cookie consent banner

3. Cookie Notice and Compliance for GDPR / CCPA


As a WordPress GDPR cookie consent plugin, Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR/CCPA boasts a nearly perfect 4.9-star rating from 2,900 reviews. Its main components are Cookie Notice and Cookie Compliance.

Cookie Notice is a simple banner that informs visitors about cookie usage on your site and allows them to give consent in various ways. Meanwhile, Cookie Compliance is a Consent Management Platform (CMP) that follows the guidelines of over 100 countries and provides users with detailed options for managing their privacy. It includes allowing some cookies while blocking others.

While Cookie Notice is fully contained within the plugin, Cookie Compliance requires a connection to the developer’s web application. However, the plugin offers the flexibility of using only the Cookie Notice features. Website owners can block cookies until users give consent and even manage user preferences and consent revocation.

Overall, Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR / CCPA is best suited for website owners who require a comprehensive cookie compliance solution that supports multiple regulations. However, the plugin’s basic features are helpful for those seeking a free solution.


  • Easy to set up cookie consent banner
  • You can customize the banner design
  • It supports CCPA, LGPD, PECR, and other regulations

4. Complianz


Complianz is one of the best premium-level GDPRP consent plugins. If you’re a website owner seeking to provide your visitors with a transparent and secure browsing experience while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations, Complianz is an excellent WordPress plugin for cookie consent. 

Developed by the same company behind Really Simple SSL, this plugin supports GDPR, CCPA, and other cookie consent regulations. With Compliant, you can also apply different consent behaviors based on location, ensuring compliance and an optimal user experience for each location. 

One of my favorite features of this plugin is its comprehensive and easy-to-use setup wizard, which guides users through ensuring privacy compliance. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are new to privacy compliance.


  • Compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  • It supports a wide range of privacy regulations
  • It can integrate with popular third-party services

5. WP AutoTerms


WP AutoTerms is a freemium-level plugin for WordPress that provides a simple way to create crucial legal pages, such as privacy policies, terms of service, and cookie consent pages. With over 100,000 active installations and a perfect 5-star rating on, this plugin has become quite popular among website owners.

The plugin is frequently updated, ensuring that website owners can keep up with the latest legal requirements. WP AutoTerms offers a variety of templates and layouts, as well as customization options, for tailoring the legal pages to your website’s specific needs. Furthermore, WP AutoTerms supports multiple languages, making it an excellent choice for website owners with a global audience.

Most importantly, WP AutoTerms enables users to generate legal policies tailored to their website’s needs. Additionally, the plugin stays current with legal changes and updates policies accordingly, ensuring that websites are compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

WP AutoTerms is ideal for website owners who need legally sound policies without having to navigate the complexities of legal language and regulations. It also suits those who want to automate the process of generating privacy policies and other legal documents for their websites.


  • Affordable price
  • 24/7 customer care support

6. Iubenda


Iubenda is the best GDPR consent plugin compatible with the latest version of WordPress. And if you want to make sure your website is compliant with various regulations? The Lubenda WordPress plugin is the perfect all-in-one solution for you. It offers customizable cookie consent banners and notices, as well as privacy and cookie policy pages. You can even create terms and conditions pages through Iubenda.

When it comes to cookie consent, Iubenda gives you the ability to fully customize your banner’s location, design, and logo. Users can also choose what data they want to share, allowing you to obtain their consent more easily. Moreover, you can set the duration of cookies and block third-party scripts from services like Facebook and Google Analytics.

Iubenda is ideal for website owners looking for a comprehensive compliance solution that covers all aspects of website regulations, including cookie consent, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and more.


  • Policy update management and tracking
  • Affordable price
  • Privacy and cookie policy generator

7. MonsterInsights


If you’re a website owner using WordPress, you’ve probably heard of MonsterInsights. This popular plugin offers comprehensive tracking and analytics capabilities, but did you know it also has an add-on specifically focused on EU compliance? By enabling this add-on, you can ensure your Google Analytics is compliant with GDPR.

One benefit of this add-on is the ability to anonymize IP addresses and limit demographic collection. However, it’s important to note that you’ll need to connect the add-on to a Cookie plugin to use it. Luckily, MonsterInsights integrates with a variety of Cookie plugins, including the Google Analytics plugin that provides easy access to your website’s traffic stats. With MonsterInsights, you can view all the data you need in your WordPress dashboard without worrying about EU regulations.

If you’re a website owner looking for a GDPR-compliant way to use Google Analytics and view stats in your WordPress dashboard, MonsterInsights is a great tool. Just remember to also install a Cookie plugin, such as CookieYes, to use the add-on.


  • Quick and easy set-up
  • Available in both free and paid
  • Integrates with popular cookie consent plugins


Having a strong cookie consent system is essential for complying with the law and respecting users’ privacy. To properly track user performance and ensure transparency and control over data collection, it’s best to use one of the seven cookie consent plugins. If you’re running a WordPress website, you can enhance your user experience further by incorporating Premium WordPress themes. These themes not only provide a polished and professional look but also offer advanced features and customization options. We hope this article helps you find a suitable companion.