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  • FAQ
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  • 1. What is a Theme?

    Themes act as skins for WordPress. We can change and modify how WordPress looks in front end through themes. Therefore, themes are used to get the desired look of the website.

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  • 2. Why choose VWThemes?

    Are you planning to build a website that should earn you lots of money? Perhaps, in that case, we would be your perfect choice.

    It’s our passion to bring you the best in class themes to build websites. We always keep testing our themes for full functionality. Before
    officially launching any theme, we ensure that it is giving quality results.

    You can set up your business online very quickly with the help of our efficient themes.

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  • 3. Do you give developer purchase option as well?

    The themes we offer well suit's the users as well as the developers. We have single pricing option.

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  • 4. Is Buying a Theme 1-time Charge?

    Yes, purchasing a theme is a one-time charge. But you can get the theme upgrade and support free only for one year from your purchase date.

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  • 5. Can I purchase more than one theme? Do you give any discount?

    Yes, you can definitely go for purchasing more than one theme. Also, you can buy our Theme Bundle at a heavily discounted price. Check here.

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  • 6. Will I get the theme immediately after purchase happens?

    Yes. Once the payment is successfully processed, you’ll immediately receive the theme through email. If you use Credit Card or PayPal balance to make payment, you’ll immediately receive the email. If you opt for Cheque Payment, it takes three days for the Cheque to clear; hence, you will receive the email once the Cheque Payment is cleared.

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  • 7. Will I get any support?

    Yes, you will get full support regarding all the themes through the support forum. Also, you’ll be provided with FREE Themes Installation on your hosting site and WordPress.

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  • 8. Are your products compatible with the latest WordPress version?

    All our themes are thoroughly tested with every WordPress version to stay relaxed that there are no errors in them. However, if you face any trouble, we’ll quickly resolve it. Stay satisfied.

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  • 9. Will I be able to use the themes even after completion of one year?

    Yes, you’ll be able to use the downloaded themes even after a year of purchase. But, you won’t be getting any support or update for the themes. Your themes will continue to work perfectly.

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  • 10. How to get theme support or updates on completion of one year?

    Just for 50% of the original price, you can continue to receive the Theme Support and updates for the next year, but only when you require it. You’ll not be charged for anything that you won’t need.

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  • 11. What about the copyright of images and .PSD files?

    The images present in the themes come from Pixabay. (You can copy, modify, distribute, and use the images, even for commercial purposes, all without asking for permission or giving credits to the artist)

    When viewing the Theme-Demos, you will see several photographic images used. Our themes do not come packaged with any copyrighted photography. The photos used in the demos are for demonstration purposes and are used to give the visitor a functional preview of what the theme will look like once content has been added.

    Our entire themes are coded as per WordPress coding standard.

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  • 12. What is your License Policy?

    Yes, our themes are fully licensed under the GNU (General public license).

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  • 13. Do you have Refund Policy?

    NO, we don't have any Refund Policy in force. If you face any trouble in receiving the email regarding theme download, contact us at support forum. We’ll send you the theme immediately.

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  • 14. How can I pay?

    You can make secure and quick payment through Credit or Debit Card. Also, PayPal is another alternative payment option for you.

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