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Top Listed Email Marketing Campaign Mistakes!

The relationship between you and your customers decides the future of the financial transactions. That’s why its important to stay in touch. The emails are best way to do that. Still there are email marketing campaign mistakes that happen usually. Once you know what re they, you can avoid them. So here’s the list of most common email marketing campaign mistakes and how to avoid them!

email marketing campaign mistakes

1. Trying Too Hard

When it comes to achieving most of us believe on hard work. We think striving consistently can bring us the success. It is true. But only working hard isn’t enough. When you work hard by only one way consistently, you are making the same mistakes every time.

This will not bring you the success you want. It’s like running fast but not reaching anywhere. The same applies to business! There are many ways that you can run a marketing campaign through emails. But if you get stuck at only one way, it will make your customers block you.

Trying too hard doesn’t always work. The email marketing campaigns are for selling purpose. But you need to understand it’s not the only purpose. The emails are way to connect with your customers. You can communicate through your emails with them. You can make them feel close to you. But by focusing only on sells you push them away.

This is the first email marketing campaign mistake you do which directly affect on your relationship with the customers.

To avoid this you need to balance things out. Along with the marketing emails send some newsletters, product offers, helpful content or relevant tips will also work. This will keep the customers engaged and build a healthy relationship.

2. No Test

In any production company there’s a department for product testing. After going through different departments the product comes out packed and ready to sell. Let’s consider it a food company. They have batches of food products. So before proceeding one batch for packaging they run some tests on it. They send it out for sell only after assuring the quality of the product.

Every company runs tests on their products to find any flaw and deliver quality. But they forget the same thing while sending out emails. The most frequently committed email marketing campaign mistake is not testing the email before sending out.

These emails for marketing campaigns are sent out in bulk. Once you hit the send button there’s nothing you can do about it. The emails could have misleading information, there could be grammatical mistakes or it could be less engaging. Customers can block you from sending such meaningless faulty emails.

If you don’t want that to happen, make sure the emails get tested before sending out. If its impossible for you to do it manually, there are software that can help you. Get one of these software and let them do the job.

Also make sure the emails are device friendly. Most of the customers use smartphones or tablets. So the content in the email should have fonts big enough to adjust to the screens. This will increase the customer engagement.   

3. Forgetting Individuality

The radio stations are better examples for this. Radio stations or FM channels broadcast publically. They run day and night with different RJs and programs. But each time someone tunes in it feels like the RJs are speaking to them. Each listener feels connected to them. This is what keeps the radio alive in this digital era.

This applies to companies as well. One of the biggest email marketing campaign mistakes is that they forget the individuality of each customer. Through the bulk emails, the same content goes to hundred or thousands of your customers.

It makes them feel like one of the targets in your list. It is proved that customers like to think special when it comes to communication or marketing. So make sure your emails are written in such a way that every customer should feel special.

You can even do some research on your customers and create groups of them. For example, you can put together customers who like a specific sports or product from your company. Then send out emails written the relatable content. This will make them feel special.

You can include some personalized greetings in the emails. This is the easiest way of addressing them individually.

4. Handling Unsubscribes

Every promotional email or newsletter you receive daily, has an option where you can unsubscribe yourself from the service. At the end of the mail you would find the sentence saying, ‘ if you don’t want to receive such email, unsubscribe yourself.’ The message would have a button where you have to click and you will no longer receive such newsletters or emails from the company.

The common email marketing campaign mistake is companies don’t handle such unsubscribes well. They either involve a complicated process for it or simply don’t provide any. This makes the customers feel helpless and agitated.

To get involved in marketing or not it should be a personal choice of the customers. If the company’s emails are disturbing them or getting in way for them to do any work; then they should have a system where they can count themselves out. Mishandling unsubscribe is the mistake you must avoid in the email marketing campaign.

5. Ignoring Statistics

In any business you need numbers. Numbers are everything you work on and for. The statistics are the very important for running a business. They tell you the reality of the business. That’s why there are several services available on the internet who provide the statistics of the market.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make not only in email marketing campaign, but in overall business is to ignore statistics. These numbers are what your business is doing currently. The open rates, delivery rates, click-through rates and unsubscribe rates are the most important statistics you shouldn’t ignore at any cost. They give directions to your business and email marketing campaigns.

According to these statistics you can plan the direction of your email content. If you don’t have the system to calculate the statistics for you, the Google Analytics is an easiest option you can go for. It will show you the flaws in your business and let you plan the email marketing strategy accordingly.

6. Subject Line

Most of the customers use smartphones for things. They operate their mail account from smartphones. The feature of notification on the smartphones makes everything pretty easy. People read the notification and then decide whether or not to open the app.

It’s the same with emails. When they get notification of new email, they read the subject line from it. If it’s worth reading they open the mail and read the full text. The email marketing campaign mistake that 80% of the companies do, is not working on the subject line.

The subject lines of emails are often just neglected or over worked. The subject line of an email is the heading of it. It has the purpose to tell you what the mail is about, but in less words. Some companies give misleading subject lines. Some keep it too simple. You have to find a way to avoid these two but hit the target right.

So here’s what you can do! Provide value to your subject line. For example if you have a fashion company, you can’t say ‘Get 60% offer’ in subject line. When all you are doing is to sell the cloths at same price. That’s provoking the customer and it can cost you their trust.

Write a short, simple and sweet subject line. Avoid using fluff or filler words. Keep it professional, personalize it and lastly, avoid using all caps letter.

7. Wrong Timing

This is by far the most stupid email marketing campaign mistake that you can make. The main reason behind committing such a mistake is purely lack of research. Along with the content, what time you send the email also affects on its open rates and your overall relationship with your customers.

Think about it this way. On social media, the influencers post after 9pm. This gives them better results than any other time of the day. After 9pm people are done with their day and trying to relax by scrolling on social media. This provides the influencers better reception than other timings. For this also they do the research.

If you send out emails during the office timings, they will hide under the pile of work emails. The customers wouldn’t even bother to read the subject line. You have to do a research on your own mail open rates. There’s no other way.

According to that data you have to decide a perfect time to send out emails to your customers. This will improve the open rate and response to your email marketing campaign strategy.

8. Start Of Conversation

This is one of the email marketing campaign mistakes that will affect you without your knowledge. If you pay attention, you will know of course. The start of conversation is when the customer subscribes to your website and services. Now this is a tiny achievement. But what you do next will determine your whole relationship with them.

If you don’t send a welcome email right after the subscription, you are making a huge mistake. The welcome email is the beginning of the conversations you will have with your customers. You will send out your most read email to your customers to make an impression. But if its not welcoming then it will lose its value.

After subscribing to your website they are thinking about you. The customers are planning what they will do with your service or products. You are new to them. So the welcome email will introduce them to your work domain and company. It will establish the fact that they will be hearing from you time to time.

Now, there’s no definite type of writing welcome email. It can be funny or dead serious. The point is it must welcome the customer, introduce your business and set the beginning of the conversation.

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