Know Different Ways For Updating WordPress Website!
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Different Ways For Updating WordPress Website!

No one likes to lag behind because of the slow processor. That’s why our computers have updates. The smartphones we use also need updates. The system updates occur on your phone and you do it by one click. These updates bring easy features, new arrangements and smoother performance. Just like that, your WordPress website also needs an update. Updating WordPress website is easy. You just need to know certain things about WordPress and how the updates work.

WordPress is one of the web hosting platforms on the internet. It started as a blogging site and expanded to become the most trustworthy web host. Now WordPress owns almost 40% of the total websites on the internet. It’s been years since WordPress is gaining more trust and maintaining it.

updating WordPress website

WordPress has two hosts which are and Most of the people choose as it gives you the freedom to design your own website. It provides the necessary tools for it. WordPress websites receive good reviews. They never fail to impress viewers with its functions and features.

There are several companies around the world who provide ready-to-use themes for website. These WordPress themes are made according to different professions. They add a few features of their own and adapt some from WordPress.  You can buy any website you want. You can even get it for free.

But there are a lot of drills here. The premium WordPress theme you are buying must be made according to the latest version of WordPress. If not it will lag behind and the premium features promised to you won’t work. It will just be a waste of your time and money.

Why Are There So Many Versions Of WordPress?

It’s been more than 10 years since WordPress is working as a web host. Internet changes everyday. There’s always something new in the digital world. If you refuse to endure it and walk with the flow, you will end up alone and ignored.

The internet can show you galaxies but also the deep dark hole of disappointment. If you want to save your website from entering this hole you should and must keep updating WordPress website.

Your website security should be one of your priority. If you don’t update your WordPress website it will become an easy target for hackers. Your website will create a loophole in the system which will cost you a lot.

Another reason for updating WordPress website is that it clears itself from bugs. WordPress updates every second year. In this updated version they sort the bugs in the system and get rid of them. But if you are still stuck on the old version it will give you a hard time running properly. The old version will eventually be eradicated by the browsers and with it your website will become outdated.

Not to mention the new features you will get with the latest version. These features will not only enhance your performance but also help you enhance it.

How To Update?

For updating WordPress website there are two main ways. First is one click and second is Manual. Here we are going to look at both of them. But before proceeding to update your website make sure to backup the whole data. If something goes wrong in the update or it doesn’t suit to your server you can have your initial website to run.

Also its important to check the compatibility of plugins that you are using before updating WordPress website. If any of the plugins have some issues with processing you can disable them and save your website from further problems.

You can check the compatibility by just navigating in admin dashboard into Plugins. There you will find the option for checking compatibility. This way you will get an idea of what kinds of plugin you have and how they can affect your website once updated. Let’s roll!

1. One Click:-

There are ways to update WordPress site. One of them is one click update. You can do this by navigating to your admin dashboard. For this you need to log into your admin area. There you will see the dashboard. Go to the dashboard and find Plugins.

Here you will find plugins that are installed and working in the website. There will be an update button right beside the plugins. You can also receive a notification of the update from WordPress.

Before updating the core files you need to update the plugins and theme files first. After updating all the plugins and theme files you will see a big blue button, click on that. This will download and install the latest version of WordPress in your website.

2. Manual:-

Another way of updating WordPress site is manually. The one click update may not work properly due to several reasons. That’s why you can do the update manually as well.

For this first you have to backup your website before starting the update. Now you will have to deactivate all the plugins you have in your website. Then access your root directory using FTP client your host has provided. After logging into the directory delete all the old WordPress files except wp-content, wp-includes, custom content in the wp-content folder and the .htaccess files, robot.txt.

After this upload new files into the system. Make sure that you are uploading and not overwriting. Then go to WordPress admin and run update. Also make sure to update the permalinks as well.

Activate all the plugins one by one. Check if the plugins and everything is working fine with the new files.

These two ways always work fine. You just need to make sure to process them properly. This way updating WordPress websites becomes a minutes job. Think about the time you felt this was unnecessary and time consuming. Hope this article helps you to change that about WordPress updates. Your WordPress websites are precious, treat them the same way!