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HR WordPress Templates

HR WordPress Templates are the pre-designed website layouts specifically tailored for human resources (HR) purposes and built using the WordPress content management system (CMS). The themes that we are going to discuss under this category typically include features and design elements relevant to HR functions. So, let’s get information of these themes one by one.  Read More

1) Job Portal WordPress Theme 

Job Portal WordPress Theme under the category of HR WordPress Templates is a theme designed to create websites associated with various job posting companies. The theme has a layout that works well. The theme's several categories make it simple for job seekers to look for positions that fit their skills and eligibility. The search engine optimisation of your website is crucial. 

2) CV Resume WordPress Theme

Making a CV or resume website is not a simple undertaking. Once it's connected to the website, the CV Resume WordPress theme can make things simple. The theme's eye-catching slider and distinctive homepage designs grab visitors' attention right away. The theme is designed to be retina-ready. The variety of page templates and additional personalisation choices are excellent. 

3) WordPress Portfolio Theme 

For all artists and designers, the WordPress Portfolio Theme attached to the bunch of HR WordPress Templates is the most fashionable, alluring, contemporary, and artistically made theme. This platform is specifically designed for portfolio creation, photographic websites, web designers, digital agencies, artists, graphic designers, painters, decorators, and other website designers. This premium theme is completely responsive thanks to its 100% fluid layout. It has been rendered translation-ready and cross-browser compatible. 

4) Freelancer WordPress Theme

Do you have a freelancing job?  Do you intend to advertise your products online? Get the top WordPress theme for freelancers now, and start a business website. This theme's retina-ready graphics elevate your website's visual appeal to a new level. The theme's design is remarkably intuitive. It only takes a few clicks to add the components to your website thanks to a robust library of short-codes and widgets. Additionally, the theme integrates with Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce and a range of customisation options.

5) Job Consultancy WordPress Theme

the Job Consultancy WordPress Theme comes in a group of HR WordPress Templates is a comprehensive and specialised theme created especially for recruitment agencies, HR professionals, and job consultative firms. It offers an ideal platform for building a polished and user-friendly website to showcase job listings, draw candidates, and promote recruitment services. There are sections for job listings, candidate registration, company profiles, team members, client testimonials, and contact information.

6) Business Consultant WordPress Theme 

The Business Consultant WordPress Theme is an excellent choice that has been painstakingly designed for consultants. It is considered as one of the finest themes in the group of HR WordPress Templates. This high-end theme skillfully blends cutting-edge features with elegant design. The theme offers the best possible user experience on computers, tablets, and smartphones by fluidly adjusting to different screen sizes. Advanced search engine optimisation (SEO) tools are also included in the Business Consultant WordPress Theme, which increases the website's visibility and draws in more visitors.

7) Resume WordPress Theme 

The Resume WordPress Theme is ideal for websites that provide resume construction services. The visitor is impressed by the theme's simple design. This WordPress theme for a resume has excellent CSS animations and effects. The theme slider, which displays content in full screen width, is the most appealing feature. To change the slider timing, a variety of slider settings are available. 

8) Microjob WordPress Theme 

The Microjob WordPress Theme is ideal for creating a website that functions well and serves as a legitimate platform for jobs and careers. The theme's user-friendly interface enables you to create a website that functions flawlessly on all platforms. This theme's robust Bootstrap framework gives the design a great deal of flexibility and ease of editing. 

9) Careerfy WordPress Theme 

The Careerfy WordPress Theme has been expertly and professionally designed. Since these websites are meant for job seekers and employers, they should have a clear, simple design that makes the material easier to understand. An effective online job site requires a carefully thought-out design. The WP Careerfy WordPress Theme features an amazing colour scheme slider. 

10) Payroll Service WordPress Theme 

This Payroll Service WordPress Theme is a great choice for finance enterprises, account management agencies, and payroll and tax services. The WP Payroll WordPress Theme is the greatest combination of carefully considered features and resources. This theme's layout is both mobile-friendly and responsive. offers you a great lot of versatility because you are not limited to a specific device-focused design. You can create a beautiful website that functions flawlessly on all types of viewing devices. 

11) CV WordPress Theme

This high-end CV WordPress Theme has a very modern and stylish look. It provides you with a stylish, eye-catching webpage with the ideal balance of alluring colours and graphics. The theme has an About Us part, a CV section, and a Portfolio section. With the modernization of recruitment procedures, having a website for your resume will help recruiters find you more quickly using search engines. You may upload or email your CV to recruiters and employers immediately by posting a printable resume file. 

12) Public Relations WordPress Theme 

Are you the owner of a PR company? Are you going to take it online? Invest in this excellent Public Relations WordPress Theme and create a fantastic online presence. Using this theme, you can reach a wider audience in addition to promoting the PR services you offer. With a gorgeous slider including work-related photographs, your webpage greets visitors. If your homepage has the right CTAs, you may increase the likelihood that visitors will become paying customers.


Overall, HR WordPress templates provide a convenient and customizable solution for organizations looking to establish or improve their online presence for HR-related activities. They offer a user-friendly interface and often come with various customization options to suit specific organizational needs.

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