Tips To Raise The WordPress Website Security

Currently, WordPress Website Security is a trending topic on the internet. Recently some botnet channels caught plenty of WordPress websites in their trap. People looked for ways to recover their important data using WP security measures. However, 100% WP security cannot be achieved. There remains a 1% threat of your site being hacked.

If you follow the given WP security steps, your site will become a tough target for hackers to play with. Check out WordPress Themes for more Secure WordPress Themes.

Guide on how to Improve WordPress Website Security

The number of cyberattacks reported last year increased rapidly. It has been very important for firms as well as individuals to secure their online devices and accounts, Personal blogs, YouTube channels, and WordPress Website Security is very important to be secured. You can do so in several different ways.

WordPress update

If your site has some outdated stuff, you are clearing the way for hackers to make an entry on your site. Therefore, you should keep your WordPress site always up to date. See that the WordPress core, plugins, and themes are all updated. There might be some plugins and themes on your site that are of no use or are kept deactivated.

Such unused plugins and themes could risk the security of your site. So you should identify them and remove them from your website. I’d suggest you delete those themes and plugins that have not been updated for 12 months.

Take regular backups

In this discussion of WordPress Website Security, If your site is backed up recently, in case of any hack, it will prove out helpful to you. Even in the worst-case scenario, the backup will help you a lot. There are many backup solutions for you to opt for. While choosing the hosting provider, see that it offers automatic backups with their hosting services. If in case your website becomes a victim to any threatening attempt, then your hosting provider should be able to restore your WordPress website as quickly as possible.

Work on the Default profile

Every WordPress installation comes packaged with a set admin profile by default. You need to change the default profile if you are still using it. Any hacking attempt begins with the username “admin” to log in to your WordPress website.

So, if you are using any other username, you are obstructing the way for hackers to log in your site. It may seem a quite daunting task to switch your WordPress profiles, but it is a vital step that makes WordPress Website Security safe. Along with check out free WordPress Themes By VW Themes for exciting WordPress Themes.

Set an unusual password


WordPress hacking attempts try a variety of different password combinations consisting of numbers, letters, and symbols. If you have set an easily predictable password using some recognizable words that are relevant with what you deal in, your site be could be at risk. To generate a unique password, see that you follow the below tips –

  • It must be completely unknown, unique, and unpredictable
  • Make sure that you are changing it on a regular basis
  • Use it only for a single website

These 3 tips will help make your site more secure. If you want to produce random passwords, create your free account in LastPass. Create and store your passwords on LastPass.

Install any WordPress Website Security plugin

WordPress Website Security


A variety of WordPress plugins are available that help boosts your website security. You should identify the one that suits your budget and provides excellent security regarding the different aspects of your website. Wordfence is a reliable WordPress Website Security plugin. You should take advantage of this free plugin.

Importance of website security

Safeguard  your visitors  - Visitors may give you their names, credit card details, and birth dates, creating a jackpot for hackers wanting to steal this confidential information. Protect their information by encrypting it before sending it anyplace and implementing internal safeguards.

Protect your acquisitions - Protecting your website entails safeguarding your hardware component as well. Hackers will not only steal your visitors' info, but they can also plant malware on your website that can harm your peripherals. Consider the huge expenses of having viruses disable your systems and then having to hire someone to remove the infections from your equipment, or even worse, replacing them entirely because the damage is permanent.

Maintain your Reputation - Securing your website is also important for the long-term viability of your company because a hack might harm your reputation. There is no worse feeling than receiving unfavorable news as a result of a big security breach on your website, especially when such criticism has the ability to stifle your company's growth. Avoid this predicament by safeguarding your website so that the public continues to see you as a reliable name in your field.

Prevent Revenue Loss - A hack can potentially cause significant disruption and productivity loss. This amounts to sales that you may be passing on. Any business owner knows the need for consistent sales in ensuring the survival of their company. In summary, unsecured websites endanger not just the firm's security, but also its very existence, since a loss of too many sales might force the company to close its doors permanently.

For Mental Well-Being - Finally, operating a business is difficult enough without having to constantly worry about a cyber-attack. While you may not be able to defeat all of the bad guys, you can surely hinder them from assaulting your firm by putting safeguards in place that prevent them from proceeding. Along with this have a look at WordPress Bundle By VW Themes for more secure WordPress Themes with great support at its best prices.

Wrapping up

These are the simple and basic WordPress Website Security solutions you must not miss on your site. If you use these WP security tips, your website will be on the safer side. VWThemes understands the importance of website security and offers Premium WordPress themes that are completely secure to build stunning websites. Take advantage of our themes and build your threat-free online presence within minutes.

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