How To Increase User Engagement On Your WordPress Blog?

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Bloggers are usually obsessed about the quantity of traffic they get on their blogs. They focus on quantity of traffic as they believe that it is the key to increase user engagement on their WordPress blog. Nevertheless, I believe in attracting the quality audience to my website using two ways. One of the ways involves attracting the relevant audience while the other recommends to better market your blog to new web visitors. I prefer to go with the second way as it focuses on improving what we already have.

Explore the different sections of your website

It all begins with your website and the content it has. Mostly, the WordPress blogs consist of –

  • Header & Menu
  • Content
  • Footer section
  • Sidebars

All the above sections have their own role in attracting a visitor and turning him into a potential client. To make these sections really impactful you need to optimize them to the fullest.

Header & Menu

As soon as a user comes on your site, he looks to instantly get what the site is all about. In the absence of a header and menu, they won’t be able to figure out what exactly your website is all about. Start with an easily navigable, simple menu. It offers the minimum links that direct the users to fully explore your website. It makes the users to further dig into your site and understand the core aspects you deal in. A minimal menu should have topics such as –

  • Home
  • About us
  • Contact Us
  • Product Page
  • Blog page

See that the navigation bar has links that direct the user to pages on your website that have high traffic so that the user can better understand your website.

Content on your website

You should try for ways that keep the visitors engaged on your WordPress website. Content serves to be a good way to overwhelm the visitors and make them stay on your website for a longer duration. It’s great if your website has multiple relevant links inserted in the posts and pages of your website. See that the links are relevant to the content otherwise the user may get irritated and leave your site. If you consistently generate posts on a regular basis, then you can easily add contextual links in your upcoming posts. You can add links to related articles at the bottom of different blog posts.

Don’t forget to get the benefits of eye-catching Call to Action (CTA) buttons that captures the attention of users immediately and become your client. Apart from adding CTA in the sidebars of your website, you should place them at the bottom of a blog post. At the end of a post, an eye-catching CTA would be perfect to captivate the attention of the reader.

The footer section of a WordPress blog has its own importance in increasing the user engagement. We see many websites have footer displaying only the copyright. However, if you desire to add a bit of info factor in the footer section, go ahead. You can see the footer of VWThemes that shows a combination of links and content. You can add some widgets in the footer such as the one that displays your Twitter page updates.


Mostly, the WordPress blogs have sidebars with too cluttered elements and widgets. Such elements do not serve the primary purpose of your WordPress blog and are often frustrating. If you want to create an impactful sidebar, make it less populated and appealing to the eyes. Use sidebars on your website in a way that lets people know much about your business services and offerings. The following widgets would be helpful for the sidebar section –

  • Search bar
  • A subscription form
  • Links directing to products on the site
  • Categories linked to blogs, news, etc.
  • Recent posts
  • Social media widgets
  • Author’s bio box

The different actions on the sidebar give an opportunity for the visitors to become your potential customers.

End Thoughts

All the above-mentioned ideas are doable that brings increased user engagement on your WordPress blog. Provide the visitors ample of opportunities to explore your blog and how they can get benefit from it. Now, to implement these ideas you require a website or a blog. It’s good if you already have it. But, if you lack a website you can build one using WordPress themes. VWThemes offers a collection of beautiful Premium WordPress Themes that covers a wide arena of business. It’s easy to build extremely beautiful websites with our highly customizable themes. Simply get one and end up building a stunning website within minutes.

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