Best Woocommerce Product Compare Plugins & Themes for Affiliate Websites



Are you an affiliate concerned about tools to display product comparisons on your website? Here’s the banger solution for you: This blog is a complete answer and a full stop to what you were searching for. Affiliates have so much to align with to match the latest market trends. This is how they can build their visibility in the market. One feature that keeps them updated with the latest product marketing trends is product comparison. This feature is necessary, as they can compare products from different portals and determine the right market value. This one feature can help them build the right image and stand out in the crowd. WordPress allows this feature in the form of plugins. This is the ultimate motive of this blog: to introduce you to the best Woocommerce Product Compare plugins. 

Product Compare Woocommerce plugins are made for online stores and especially for affiliates. Using these plugins, you can gather product prices from almost every portal and decide which is the most affordable. So, let’s hear about them. 

List of the Best Woocommerce Product Compare Plugins for Affiliate Websites

1. Woocommerce Product Add-ons 

This Woocommerce Product Add-on plugin is perfectly certified for sorting any e-commerce website. Getting your e-commerce website a custom design is only possible with this creative product add-on plugin. This comes with a wholesome creation of features to create a completely functional e-commerce store. The Gutenberg editor is integrated to fulfil all the store essentials quickly. Creating visually appealing product pages along with adding more features is made easier using drag and drop. 

The plugin comes with a lot of features to transform a normal e-commerce page into a fully customized page. Customization is made much simpler when you have this product page add-on. It even offers various product page layouts, rendering the best user experience for your site content. Just like the themes, this plugin also offers a product page demo importer that creates product pages in seconds for you. Also, the plugin can be used for product comparisons from different portals. It further helps in adding product review sections, carts, prices, images, and more. 

Key features 

  • Creating customized product pages is made easier with this Woocommerce product add-on plugin. 
  • Quick content embedding from multiple sites to compare prices is also added. 
  • It uses the drag-and-drop facility to add content blocks for your Woocommerce product pages. 
  • It can be integrated with the Woocommerce extensions to increase the overall functionality. 

2. YITH Woocommerce Product Compare 


Another dignified and unique tool to compare products on the Woocommerce site is the YITH plugin. It is made with super flexible and easy-to-use features to compare WooCommerce products on your site. You can compare product processes from different sources and customize them the way you wish. It further blends the content layouts as per your content and allows the display of comparison tables as popups on your site. Also, it lets you choose the field and information to show in the comparison table. It even allows users to use multiple languages, allowing them to choose their language while comparing prices. You can create a customized product comparison table, including the features and attributes. Additionally, it offers social sharing buttons, displaying related products, and customizing tables. 

Key features 

  • This is a fully user-friendly and customizable plugin.
  • It comes with social sharing buttons to connect and compare prices on social channels. 
  • It helps in displaying product tables as pages or popups. 
  • Language proficiency allows you to compare prices in different languages. 

3. Products Compare for WooCommerce 

Compare multiple Woocommerce products using this phenomenal Woocommerce Product Compare plugin. Affiliates thinking of starting their product comparison websites must get this plugin. The plugin helps in comparing and displaying products from different portals without any hassle. 

What users need to do is first choose which products to compare, and then compare the products in a table list. It provides a convenient solution to compare prices without any extra coding skills in a single place. This way, customers can easily make their decision as to which product is affordable to purchase. Further, it offers customizing the products and shows them as buttons or widgets for easy navigation. It allows adding widgets to some selected products and their attributes in the table. And those widgets and buttons can be added to the toolbar for easy access. 

Key features 

  • It offers advanced customization to add products for comparison. 
  • Buttons and widget properties are allowed to add selected products for comparison. 
  • Widgets and compare buttons can be added as a toolbar option. 
  • It even allows popups for fast comparison. 

4. WPC Smart Compare for Woocommerce 

The WPC Smart Compare for Woocommerce is a smart solution to not only compare products but boost sales too. Along with advanced comparison options, the Woocommerce product compare plugin improves the overall user experience when visiting your site. The plugin is easy to use and provides a bunch of features to excel in your woocommerce shop. It offers a custom compare button, so users can easily compare. Also, there are comparison tables and tabs for easier comparison of products on your site. 

The plugin seems fully responsive, so even if you have so many fields on the table, it won’t clutter up any screen. Also, users can easily rearrange the product details in the table and decide which field to offer first. It also comes with an Ajax-powered feature that makes searching easier. Further, you can adjust the compare button settings in the category sections. Additionally, it offers multiple language proficiency, hiding or showing details in the table, and custom short-codes to add buttons. 

Key features 

  • The plugin seems fully customizable, allowing users to adjust the view of the details. 
  • It has a fully responsive design, so your product table is easy to adjust on every screen. 
  • It features an Ajax-powered search bar to add the product to the list. 
  • Also, it supports multiple languages on your website. 

Best Price Comparison WordPress Theme for Building a Comparison Website 

Building a comparison website is incomplete when you haven’t chosen a theme for it. You must know that without a theme, a website cannot process correctly. So, searching for the price comparison theme is right here. We suggest you move with the Price Comparison WordPress theme without any doubt. 

The premium Price Comparison WordPress Theme by VW Themes turns out to be the finest among the price comparison themes. The theme was made keeping all the modern and advanced business features in mind. Its creative and visually appealing design makes it a perfect choice to handle content-heavy websites. Here, it is developed to display product comparisons between different products and portals. Creative layouts are there to help price comparisons fit well on your website.

Apart from this, the theme is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible, too. This is one of the finest of all integrating the best business plugins, like WooCommerce. Then there are smooth sliders and menu options for smooth navigation on your site. Even though Woocommerce comes with pre-built pages, the theme allows you to create more customized ones. A powerful drag-and-drop facility is provided to create custom web pages and pricing tables. Moreover, the theme is well supported by social media icons, custom widgets, and more. 


That’s how it ends here. Finding the best Woocommerce product compare plugins is right here in this blog. Getting a price comparison plugin can set myriads of prices for your affiliate business. You can use the plugin to compare product prices from various portals and plan accordingly. The product comparison plugins are rich in functionality, with more features to add. These are not just made for product comparison but can transform your default store into a WooCommerce store. Also, they tend to connect with extensive Woocommerce plugins to increase functionality. Responsive design, easy customization, and user-friendly design are the best features. 

Using product comparison plugins is never a bad choice when you have an online store. You get an overall turnover from how other stores are playing with the prices. This gives a complete insight into how you can plan for your store. So, get your product comparison plugin and start evolving as an affiliate marketer. 

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