4 Best Woocommerce Free Products

Do you want to increase your sales online? You have to make customers purchase from your online store, to earn a substantial profit. For this, as a businessperson, you need to attract their attention by providing some exceptional schemes like Woocommerce free products. Provide a free sample to your customers and earn high. 

Best Woocommerce Free Products For Your Online Business Store

As we all know that customers always look for various offers and discount prices while shopping. If they found that an item is getting in a discount rate and a free additional gift, then they preferred to purchase more items from your online store. Offering a free promotional present to your customers is a ground plan to increase your income. Woociomerce themes permit you to offer free products as a gift to your customers with the help of the best Woocommerce free product sampling plugin where the admin can send gifts to users manually, customer can select their gifts, and gifts can be added to user’s cart automatically, or experience buys one get one offer from admin. Let’s discuss some Popular WordPress Themes that manage the Woocommerce free product plugin. 

Online Grocery Shopping WordPress Theme

The online grocery store is the most convenient place on the internet that provides the best home delivery services. Online Grocery Shopping WordPress Theme is worth and best suited for the grocery markets, food, and organic products store’s websites. The admirably designed theme serves the user with all the functionalities and resources that are needed for an online store.

You can use its new-fangled and cutting-edge features to grow your trade and acquire a big amount in earnings. The awesome look and eye-catching layout design are very inviting. The visual appearance of the theme impresses the customer.

The best section of the Woocommerce Free Products is grocery product images that immediately attract customers’ attention and make them feel the freshness of fruits and vegetables. It shows the originality of the product. On the other hand, the theme provides all the vital and obligatory facilities of shopping options like product cart, current offers, and deals, order tracking, search grocery, etc.

Along with this, the theme has an extremely exciting feature of adding a surprise gift cum promotion product for free to the customer’s cart with the help of the Woocommerce plugin. You can enable this feature as an administrator of the site so that users could prefer your online shopping store and you will gain high business success. 

Ecommerce WordPress Theme

Ecommerce WordPress Theme

If you are an industrialist or an owner of any kind of shop that sells products of different niches and are willing to set up your online business store with a small budget, you will need an eCommerce URL that will act as a digital platform for exchanging goods and services.

Best Woocommerce Themes is a multipurpose theme that is not built for a specific type of business website. Any business store URL can be constructed by using variations of these Woocommerce Free Products. The eCommerce WordPress Premium theme has a rich set of functionalities like an advanced slider, featured products section, top brands, category slider, gender-specific product gallery sections, new arrivals, bestselling products, and blog posts, about us, contact us, testimonials, and woo-commerce plugin integration.

The Woocommerce plugin allows you to add a free woocommerce product to a customer’s shopping cart for promotion purposes. The theme has a provision to select the gift as per the customer’s choice. As it’s a free present automatically added to the cart, customers get happy and desire to shop more on your site. This results in great entrepreneur success. 

Kids WordPress Theme

Kids WordPress Theme

If you want to purchase baby food, skincare, or clothing products or shop for school materials like a pen box, pencil box, color set, sports accessories, toys, and others, and you preferred to shop online. Then the Kids WordPress Theme can give you the best services and offers.

There is the reason behind constructing this theme is that the theme is only developed for the kid’s accessory online store. Hence, it consists of a rich set of facilities provided to shoppers for kid’s products. The theme has different options like recently viewed products so that customers can re-order a similar product and need not search for it again. It saves time and effort. Likewise, if you are an owner of a kid’s shop and want to launch an online store, this theme can provide the best resources.

A most vital and exciting feature of the woocommerce free product plugin is integrated into the Woocommerce Free Products itself. As an admin of the site, you can add a promotional product as a gift for free to any of the customer’s carts at your online store, or else the customer can choose their desired product. As gifts are more lovable, so, your site will be added to the top of customers’ favorites. It would a money-spinning and rewarding strategy to use this theme for your kid’s shop business URL. 

Fashion Designer WordPress Theme

Fashion designer WordPress Theme

The impressive, fine, and innovative Fashion Designer WordPress Theme is a special purpose theme particularly developed to launch an online fashion store for industry-based designers who can showcase their designed clothes and accessories.

Start-up fashion boutiques and freelancers can configure such websites to address a large target audience. It is a multipurpose theme for cosmetics boutiques, makeup salons, hairstylists, fashion blogs, hairdressers, nail salons, visage salons, makeup studios, beauty blogs, and glamour. The theme has lavish and splendid features that make it look rich. On the other hand, the facilities integrated into the theme are magnificent.

The pre-eminent feature of the Woocommerce product plugin integrated into this theme will grow your business. If you are the owner of an online fashion store, you can offer a Buy One Get One service to the customers and can add a promotional gift to the customer’s shopping bags. You won have to think and plan a strategy for money-making once you select this theme for your business URL.


Best things come free in life is a globally accepted phrase. Online shoppers are always eager to experience this. All entrepreneurs like retailers and digital product vendors want to grow their sales more and more. For this purpose, all the mentioned Woocommerce Free Products themes have an inbuilt woo commerce plugin that can provide the best things for free to accomplish a business goal. If you are an entrepreneur can buy these fantastic themes where you will gain a rise in business. 

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