Step By Step Process Of Moving From Wix To WordPress

You've chosen to move from Wix to WordPress, yet you're stressed over what will happen to all of your posts and pages. For instance, would you say you must re-create them or, surprisingly more dreadful, start from scratch?

Our recommendation is not to stress, we're here to help! Perhaps the most ideal approaches to move your content from Wix to WordPress is by importing your blog entries by means of RSS. This is an extraordinary method to relocate your site without losing your content, and the interaction is likely simpler than you might suspect.

In this post, we'll offer a bit by bit process on the best way to change your site from Wix to WordPress, while keeping your content safe. How about we bounce directly in! WordPress themes are always the best choice for creating your website.

What To Consider When You Move From Wix To WordPress

While your blog may have been vital to the 'draw' of your site, there are different components to consider also while moving. All things considered, the actual content is just a single piece of the overall strategy of your site. Some extra components to consider include:

  • Other significant pages on your site, for example, sales landing pages and contact forms.
  • Your navigation menus and site structure.
  • The entirety of the pictures and video found across your posts and pages.

Obviously, there's additionally the design and layout of your site. While it could be tricky to copy the specific style of your previous site, it's reasonable you can discover an answer that you're content with (but with a trade off on the process.) In the next segment, you'll discover a step-by-step guide to assist you from start to finish. Choose premium WordPress themes from VWthemes and get them at a pocket-friendly price.

How To Properly Move From Wix To WordPress (in 3 steps)

Before you export Wix to WordPress, you'll need to ensure you have a new WordPress install prepared to get your Wix content. On the off chance that you don't have that yet, take a quick detour to pick a WordPress host and afterward follow these steps to install WordPress.

In case you're utilizing a custom domain name, you'll likewise need to point your domain towards your new WordPress site. In the event that you got your domain name for free from Wix, you can adhere to these directions. Or else, consult your domain registrar for help.

When you're prepared, it's an ideal opportunity to begin by heading to your Wix dashboard.

1. Export Your Content From Wix

Moving from Wix to WordPress is a challenge, essentially in light of the fact that Wix is a shut framework (dissimilar to WordPress' open-source structure). All things considered, there's no immediate method to move content from one to the next. Be that as it may, you can move your Wix RSS feed, so you will not need to physically reproduce each post.

To start, Wix expects you to add a RSS button to your site before you can get to the particular URL. To do this, navigate to your Wix Editor, at that point go to Add > Blog > RSS Button:

Feel free to add the button to your page.

Then, find your RSS feed file by adding/feed.xml or/blog-feed.xml to the furthest limit of your site URL. For instance,

This will raise a page brimming with code. Right-click anyplace on the page, select Save As, and save the file to your computer.

Keep this file handy in light of the fact that you'll require it in the subsequent stage to import your Wix content to WordPress.

2. Import Your Content Into WordPress

With your Wix RSS file ready, sign into WordPress, at that point navigate to Tools > Import:

There are number of platforms here, however we're interested on the RSS tool. Click Install Now under this heading, followed by the Run Importer link when it shows up.

Then, click on the Choose File button and select the RSS feed file that you saved to your computer. At that point, click on Upload file and import:

Contingent upon the size of your file, you may have to wait for a couple of moments. Notwithstanding, once the transfer is finished, your posts will currently be prepared to view on your new WordPress site.

To do as such from the WordPress back end, head to the Posts > All Posts screen. As you may see, albeit the content of your posts is available and correct, the accompanying pictures will in any case be facilitated with Wix. This is something we'll fix in the following step. Along with this also have a look at how to sell more with your ecommerce website.

3. Convert Your Wix Pages To WordPress

Your next step is to remake each page from your Wix site on your new WordPress one. Sadly, Wix doesn't offer an automated way to import pages, yet doing this physically might be simpler than you might suspect.

To start with, navigate to the page on your Wix site you'd prefer to duplicate. Highlight the entirety of the content, aside from the page title, at that point right-click and select Copy:

Then, get back to your WordPress administrator and go to Pages > Add New. You can type the title in at the highest point of the page. At that point, right-click underneath it and select Paste:

With your content set up, you would now be able to style the page as you would prefer utilizing the WordPress block editor – we'll examine some following stages later. What's more, it's a smart thought to carefully review each page to ensure everything has duplicated over effectively, and the presentation and arranging is all that it tends to be. After you've published each page to your site, you're ready to start working at your navigation.

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