7 Best Property Listing Plugin For online Real Estate WordPress Websites

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When you're in the marketplace for a new real estate website, you are surely aware of the importance of selecting the best hosting and plugin. Which plugin, though, is the best? It can be challenging to decide which property listing plugin to use because there are so many options accessible on WordPress.com. The seven top property listing plugins for real estate online sites will be covered in this post.

It's important to select the appropriate plugin for your particular needs because each one has unique strengths and drawbacks. You may simply create an excellent real estate website by utilizing one of these plugins.

Top 7 WordPress Property Listing plugins for real estate

1. VW Property Listing Plugin:

This plugin is fantastic when listing numerous kinds of properties quickly. You must add the property containers, assign each package to your properties, add an agent from the client's list by choosing "VW Property Listing plugins" as their role, and then divide the agent among various properties.

Moreover, you can list any property related to real estate, be it a house for rent, a shop for rent, office space for rent, a plot, buildings, flats, and many more. It is so far the best SEO WordPress Plugins


  • House rentals
  • Shop rentals
  • Easy and handy-to-use plugin
  • Ease of installation and setup
  • No coding needed to setup
  • Best fit for a beginner website

2. Easy Property Listings:

One of the most active and feature-packed real estate WordPress plugins currently available on the market is Easy Property Listings.

Moreover, this user-friendly plugin provides all the essential features required for swiftly creating and expanding a real estate website. Furthermore, it offers a wealth of advanced capabilities, a wide array of shortcodes, and themes that streamline the process of building feature-rich real estate websites.


You can now automate lead creation and market your listings.

  • Every WordPress website can be easily integrated.
  • Make websites that beautifully display listings.
  • List and grid layouts for listings should be responsive.
  • Numerous free theme designs that are ready to use are offered.
  • Code is not necessary. Many possibilities. Simply choose and save.
  • Instantly compatible with popular designs like Avada, Genesis, Headway, and iThemes Builder.
  • extremely good with page builders like Elementor, WP Bakery, and Visual Composer.
  • Fully customizable and compatible with any framework and theme.
  • In seconds, customise for your market.
  • Completely mobile-ready and responsive.

3. Essential Real Estate:

Real estate websites can easily be customised and replaced with templates that have all the capabilities they need. Permit managing real estate Property Listing plugins registrations on both the front and back ends. supported payments worldwide, market building, agent management, etc.

FREE plugins, but every feature is already premium.


  • The search page and listing are already defined sections for a real estate website.
  • Real estate, listing agent, choice, payment, and profile
  • Submit real estate using the front and back ends.
  • Control real estate listings using the front and back ends.
  • Custom fields for properties can be added.
  • Easy to customise.
  • Flexible Searching.
  • Favourite Properties.
  • Properties for saved searches
  • Analyse the properties.
  • Properties for printing
  • Location nearby.
  • Packages for membership.
  • Profiles of users and management invoices
  • Date of Listing Expiration
  • Free, Spend per Package, and Pay per Listing are the three types of paid submissions.
  • Payment Options: Wire Transfer, PayPal, and Stripe
  • Email listing notifications
  • Listings that are featured
  • Similar Listing.
  • Map directions, location search, and Google Suggestions
  • Google Captcha supports
  • Share and log in.
  • Layouts for various listings
  • Completely responsive.
  • Video, 360 virtual tour, and gallery.
  • Contact the agent.
  • Private Note.
  • Compatible with the Visual Composer plugin.
  • Compatible with the WPML plugin.

4. Estatik Real Estate Plugin:

User-friendly and intuitive UI. Moreover, it's neatly designed with practical versatility. WordPress commercial Property Listing plugins offer all the features and smooth Elementor Page Builder interaction.


  • Simple Demo Setup
  • Create an infinite number of custom fields using the Fields Builder, including text, number, area, files, contact fields, ect.
  • Login using Google or Facebook.
  • Integrated AJAX for Map Search
  • Wish lists and saved searches
  • Management of the listing frontend.
  • Price, date, and popularity of ordering
  • Categories, types, changes, attributes, and amenities that are customizable
  • Property labels that can be modified (featured, hot, openhouse)
  • Using social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter)
  • receive by email.
  • video and picture (Vimeo, YouTube)
  • Multilingual (support for WPML, Polylang, and Loco Translate)
  • Get Info widget.
  • search widget with customizability.
  • Numerous currencies.
  • Over fifty shortcodes.
  • Compatibility for the Hello Theme and Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

5. Opal Estate Pro:

If you want to build a website for the Property Listing plugins management business but are having trouble finding the right real estate plugin to put in, read this. The Opal Estate Pro plugin is going to be your best option for aiding in flawless site management.

The plugin's user-friendliness, flexibility in catering to user needs, incorporation of high-tech features, and a wide array of potent feature updates make it a dependable choice. It is specifically designed for managing the purchase, rental, and sale of apartments, villas, homes, and various other types of properties. To witness its exceptional qualities, simply scroll down.


  • 100% mobile-ready and attractive website with potential real estate listings
  • Every WordPress website can be fully integrated.
  • Easy to create, publish, and update
  • Simple to use and modify
  • Real estate listings will be shown in a reactive list or grid format.
  • All types of themes and frameworks are compatible.
  • Launch the free versions with the menu plugin first.
  • It is simple to arrange, categories, and search for real estate listings.
  • Available for listing numerous kinds of real estate, including residential, business, agricultural, and agricultural properties.
  • Accessible via mobile device design style, SEO-friendly URLs
  • Customers can access the website using their Facebook and Google+ accounts!
  • Excellent, clean, and clear, expandable code that is simple for developers to design and modify
  • A powerful plugin that matches your design
  • Easily, efficiently, and accurately adjust CSS and HTML.
  • Use shortcodes to quickly add new templates.
  • APIs that are simple to use and provide accurate documentation
  • Numerous actions and filters are developer-friendly.
  • Everything has custom labelling, and support for languages is complete.
  • There are thousands of filters to change the plugin's default functionality.
  • Widgets and shortcodes that are effective
  • API support enables any programme to display properties and agents.

6. Import property listings into WP Residence:

Property Listing plugins Import. With the WP Residence Add-On for WP All Import, you can quickly and easily bulk import all of your real estate listings into the WP Residence theme.

The right side displays a Property Listing plugin from your XML/CSV file, while the left side lists all the fields users can import. Following that, to import the data, just drag and drop it into the appropriate WP Residence sections from your CSV or XML file.

Since the plugin for importing is so simple to navigate, creating a property listing manually in WP Residence is practically similar.

We additionally provide a number of additional real estate add-ons, each tailored to a certain theme. This tutorial covers the Realia Add-On, and it's quite similar to the WP Residences Add-On.

7. WordPress IDX Real Estate Listings & MLS Search:

To make and maintain more visitors on your WordPress website, it's simple to integrate SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly MLS listings and search for property widgets using IDX Plugins for WordPress. Users will become leads when you use effective lead capture tools, which include forms for arranging displays and favorited listings.

The one and only real estate IDX search plugin that provides live assistance to customers, a marketing strategy that consistently drives traffic to websites, and IDX feeds from more than 730 MLSs in the United States of America and Canada is WordPress IDX.


  • Which themes should be used with WordPress IDX?

Any website using WordPress that is self-hosted and runs WordPress 2.8 or higher is suitable for this plugin. WordPress IDX can be used without having to buy or use a particular theme.

  • What is the purpose of utilizing the WP Residence Add-On since WP All Import works alongside every theme?

The WP Residence Add-On fully supports the various photo galleries and attachments included in your theme's settings. It simplifies the process of importing location information and streamlines your import.


In this comprehensive post, we will delve into the top seven Premium WordPress plugins tailored for real estate websites. To begin, let's spotlight the VW Property Listing plugin as our initial choice, known for its proficiency in swiftly listing numerous properties. This versatile tool allows users to effortlessly assign packages, designate agents, and provide property details, all while seamlessly adding new property elements.

Coming to our second pick, the Easy Property Listing plugin emerges as a well-loved and frequently employed resource. It delivers cutting-edge features, an array of shortcodes, and an assortment of templates meticulously crafted for the development of impressive real estate websites. Notably, it streamlines real estate transactions, automates lead generation, and harmoniously integrates with some of the most popular WordPress themes available today.

Now, let's delve into the third option: essential real estate. This comprehensive plugin handles everything from property listing registrations and global real estate listings to payments, market creation, and agent management. Its feature set includes flexible search options, customizable submission forms, personal fields, favorites management, saved searches, analytics, printing capabilities, settings customization, membership packages, personal profiles, invoice management, expiration date tracking, diverse payment methods, email notifications, similar listing suggestions, map directions, Google Maps integration, Google Captcha verification, social sharing tools, various design options, support for videos and 360-degree virtual tours, image galleries, contact agent features, secret notes, and so much more.

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