New WordPress 5.0 Features And Screenshots

WordPress 5.0 was released and is good news. It is the first and the major WordPress release of 2018 with a whole  set of improvements and some big changes. In this article, we will show you what is new in WordPress 5.0 and which features you should try after updating the websites. Lay emphasis on new WordPress 5.0 features and screenshots.

WordPress 5.0 is a big release and unless you are on  WordPress hosting service, you’ll have to initiate the update. Don’t forget to make a complete WordPress backup before commencing the update.

Gutenberg -- The Latest Block Based Editor

WordPress 5.0 has a completely new editor codenamed Gutenberg. It is a block based editor which permits users to make beautiful layouts using content blocks.

Make and Reuse Blocks

If you  add things with the similar style or content, then you can now save them as blocks to use later when needed.

Simply edit a block to make it reusable. Once you are satisfied, click on the menu dots in the block toolbar and choose ‘Add to reusable blocks’

You are asked to provide a name for this block. After that, WordPress will save as a reusable block. You find it under the Add Blocks button and reuse it in other posts.

Editing Content After Upgrading to WordPress 5.0

New WordPress 5.0 features and screenshots will not impact any of your old content, and you would still be able to edit articles. When editing an old article, you will see the content inside a “Classic” editor block.

You can continue editing the article inside the classic block. You can  break it into multiple blocks which will allow you to use all the features of the new WordPress editor.

Can I Still Use The Old WordPress Editor?

Yes, you can use the previous WordPress editor by  installing and activating the Classic Editor plugin. For details, see our  guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Upon activation, the plugin disables the new blocks based editor, and you are able to use WordPress with the classic editor that you are used to. For further details, see our article on how to disable Gutenberg and keep classic editors in WordPress.

Twenty Nineteen – The latest Default WordPress Theme

WordPress 5.0 has a new default theme called Twenty Nineteen. It is a fine and minimalist WordPress themes that can be used to start a blog or make a website.

Twenty Nineteen is based on the Gutenberg starter theme, which means it is compatible with the new WordPress editor. It offers a  canvas with minimal distractions, which gives you the freedom for with the new editor and makes beautiful layouts for the WordPress posts and pages.

WordPress 5.0 Compatibility with Themes and Plugins

WordPress 5.0 brings a big change to how users create content using WordPress. It has been under development for quite some time, which  plugin and theme developers have enough time to test the products and add compatibility for the new editor. Most essential WordPress plugins like WPForms and Yoast SEO are  compatible with WordPress 5.0 and the new editor. All top WordPress themes shops have also made themes compatible with the new editor. However if a plugin or theme on  website does not work properly, then reach out to that plugin or theme developer and ask them to update it.

If you do not hear back from them, then you can  disable the plugin / theme on a temporary basis and find another way. Alternatively, you can install the Classic Editor till your favorite plugin / theme has switched over.

We hope this article gives you a good insight into what’s new in WordPress 5.0. We are excited about the new WordPress editor and the new methods to create content in WordPress. What are you excited about? Focus on new features in WordPress 5.0.

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