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Enabling hassle-free checkout is what makes your WooCommerce site a place to remember. This is where you need to build trust among customers with smooth checkouts. On the contrary, customers also choose sites where they find smooth checkout processes with no mess. Lengthy checkout processes often annoy customers purchasing a product from your site. Websites with lengthy or cluttered processes fail, or customers simply abandon the process. 

This should not happen, so WordPress introduced the concept of a multi step checkout for Woocommerce process. This is the feature where the checkout page is divided into various pages, making purchases easier and better. The lengthy and default checkout page is divided among different pages like billing, shipment, payment, and more. And surprisingly, this feature can be easily added to your site without using any codes. 

You will only find this possible in this blog, which has the best plugins for multi step checkout along with a guide. 

What is Multi Step Checkout for Woocommerce? 

The concept of multi step checkout is understood as the splitting of a single checkout page into various pages. This means a single checkout page including payment, shipping, and billing sections separated on various pages. 

The ultimate motive is to please the customers, enabling smooth checkout processes. The first page of the checkout process mostly includes the account part with your name, email, and more. With this, as you move ahead, the pages are guided with the steps taking you to the final checkout page, where you confirm the order. 

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Why Add a Multi Step Checkout in WooCommerce Site? 

Applying a multi step checkout for Woocommerce process makes a huge contribution to boosting your site’s overall performance. This is where we have gathered some benefits to know why adding a multi step checkout is necessary. 

1. Reduce Checkout Abandonment 

It is observed that most of the customers simply back out if they find the checkout process too lengthy or unable to understand. Wherein, you can use this multi step checkout to ease the process. The checkout process becomes more hassle-free and simpler than you think. 

2. Reduced Distractions 

When the multi step checkout process is applied, it eases the purchase with simple and clean layouts. This means everything is divided into various pages, so automatically, the distractions are removed like earlier. 

3. A Perfect Guide to Complete the Purchase 

When a multi step checkout process is applied, it guides the customers well with the buttons on the footer part of the page. The conversions lead users to the final “Confirm” button which eases shipping, billing, and payment pages. 

Things to Look For in a Multi Step Checkout for Woocommerce Plugin 

  • Choosing the right multi step checkout plugin can be a crucial task for you. But this time, you can easily choose, as we are putting on some factors to choose the right plugin.
  • The plugin you are choosing must be easy to customize so that you can easily create intuitive multi step checkouts for users. 
  • Make sure the plugin is lightweight and does not slow down your site or increase bounce rates. 
  • It should possess a responsive design so that every page supporting multi step checkout must fit every screen size. 
  • Also, the plugin should be compatible with the current theme and plugins on your site to avoid conflicts. 

The Best Multi Step Checkout Plugins for Your WooCommerce Site 

Here are some of the best suggested multi step checkout plugins for your WooCommerce site to consider: 

1. WP Multi Step Checkout for WooCommerce 

Create an intuitive and user-friendly checkout for your WooCommerce site with this plugin. The multi step checkout for Woocommerce is the perfect definition of a unique checkout-boosting user experience. The plugin features what you want from a multi step checkout plugin for your site. It has fast checkout woocommerce, mobile-responsive, and customizable to advanced levels. You can create the most informative and guiding checkouts to raise more purchases from your site. The sleek design of the plugin is made for users with no coding skills. Also, it is mobile-friendly, so the checkout pages are easily fit on every screen size. The plugin is even compatible with most of the themes and plugins on your site, avoiding conflicts. Also, it allows customization, bringing up the buttons and form design that looks like your overall theme. Apart from this, it supports German and French for users having these native languages. 

2. MultiStep Checkout for WooCommerce 

Look at this most creative multi step checkout plugin for your WooCommerce site. The plugin comes with a bundled set of features that set the multi step checkout for Woocommerce process perfectly. This easy-to-use checkout process comes with a freemium version that can be extended easily. The plugin simply guides you to ease the checkout process by dividing it into multiple pages along with more features to add.

Which pages should be combined or not can be decided with this plugin? It ensures safe validation of each step and that every field is filed before moving on to the next step. You can even customize the divided pages, including background colours, titles, tabs, and more. It even allows safe stepping-back features in case any changes are required. Compatible with various themes and plugins, this tool sets a great image among users. Its premium version comes with various layouts and more customization options. 

3. Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce 

One of the finest checkout editor plugins is here to help you with a perfect checkout process for your WooCommerce site. This checkout field editor for woocommerce plugin can be used even when you are building multi step checkouts. Various fields can be easily added without much hassle when you have this plugin. Its free version comes with 20 different fields for your checkout process. While the premium version has more fields to offer, You can add, delete, or customize the fields on your checkout pages. It requires no coding skills or developer hiring to add or customize fields on your site. The custom block fields integrated with this plugin are completely user-friendly and can be added easily. 

4. Woocommerce Checkout by CheckoutWC 

This is the checkout plugin for woocommerce by CheckoutWC, which comes with a lot of features to capture the best checkouts for your site. Creating conversion-optimized and intuitive checkout pages is just made simpler with this. Even the plugin supports a responsive design that helps checkout pages fit well on any screen size. When the checkout pages are well defined, eventually your site rises in a positive direction. It comes with simplified templates defined for every part of your checkout process. This plugin ensures the best user experience, even with the free version, and the rest you can get with the pro version. 

5. Funnel Builder for WordPress by FunnelKit 

Here’s introducing one of the most intuitive checkout page builders for your woocommerce site. The Funnel Builder by Funnel Kit helps create high-convertible checkout pages in no time. The idea of creating a multi step checkout page is not a big task when you have this funnel builder. It makes the process easier and fast checkout woocommerce with its fully optimized multi step checkout for Woocommerce site. Wherein you get the best version of the checkout template kit with advanced customization to offer.

The templates are further said to be fully responsive so that customers can purchase via mobile phones. Also, it allows the creation of conversion-optimized landing pages and custom thank-you pages after the purchase. With this, it even enables you to track the overall performance of your e-commerce store. Here, you can track orders, returns, and exchanges from a single dashboard. If you need more advanced features, there is the pro version. 

6. Fluid Checkout for Woocommerce Lite 

Set your Woocommerce site a perfect place for more customers and conversions using this Fluid Checkout for Woocommerce. What this does is simplify the checkout process in various sections or pages. This helps new visitors or customers purchase more easily and clutter-free. The plugin is made to deliver users the best shopping experience using its mobile-responsive interface. This plugin again comes in the free and premium versions, supporting native features. The free version itself has a bundle full of features that validate the checkout processes better.

Not a multi step process, but the plugin applies easy checkouts on single pages too. This is a highly optimized plugin that helps you seek the best search engine rankings for your site. It allows smooth reordering of the checkout sections like shipping before billing. Also, it lets you hide optional checkout fields woocommerce or simply remove them from the checkout process. The plugin supports a fully responsive design so that customers can make purchases through their mobile phones. 

How to Create a Multi Step Checkout for WooCommerce Using a Plugin? 

So finally, this is a guide to creating a multi step checkout. And here we are using Funnelkit’s Funnel Builder plugin - 

  1. So, the first step is to install and activate the plugin on your site. (Note that we are going with the free (Lite) version of this plugin, which is simpler to use).
  2. Once you have activated the plugin, the next step is to choose a suitable template kit. 
  3. We will create a global multi step checkout page for the WooCommerce store. On the plugin page, among various header menu tabs, tap the Store Checkout tab. 
  4. Then tap the Create Store Checkout button and select a template among the various template options. After this, click on the Preview button to learn about the template. So, here we have chosen the Elementor template kit. 
  5. You need to select the number of steps for the checkout process as one-step, two, or three-step. Once you have selected it, tap the Import This Funnel button at the top right corner. 
  6. And finally, name your checkout store and tap the Done button. You have created the store checkout. 

Customizing the Checkout Page:

  1. What you need next is to customize the store multi step checkout for Woocommerce site. Simply tap on the recently created checkout page, and you will find various tabs under it. 
  2. Once you have clicked on the checkout page, immediately tap the Edit Elementor Template under the Design tab. 
  3. Here, you can change the logo, its resolution, and size, add a caption, and more. 
  4. And by tapping the Style button, you can either make the headings tabs or the breadcrumbs. Also, make sure you add subheadings to make the checkout steps clear. 
  5. The styling tab also offers enabling options like product images, quantity switchers, coupon options, and more. 
  6. Also, it lets you customize the checkout fields and rearrange them using the drag-and-drop facility. Suppose you need to add the email field on top, and then the shipping and billing can be done easily. 

So, you are now done with creating a multi step checkout page for your WooCommerce store. Additionally, the plugin gives you options to optimize the checkout page under the Optimization tab. From there, you can enable certain options like smart payment buttons, the ability to apply coupons, multi step field reviews, and more. Also, you can checkout our previous blog on tips to improve Woocommerce checkout page design to elevate your online presence.


So now you are perfectly ready to build a multi step checkout page for your e-commerce store. Well, this is one of the most beneficial elements for your online store. Creating a multi step checkout somehow creates a huge benefit for your online store. After all, you need your customers to get a smooth and clash-free checkout page. It completely depends on how you design the checkout page for your online store. 

This needs to be a smart decision so that your customers are satisfied with your online store and will visit again. A multi step checkout page is the only solution to this. This blog is a perfect place to learn the in-depth insights of the multi step checkout page. We have made it the best way to know how beneficial this is for your online store. Also, using plugins is the best way to create a multi step checkout for Woocommerce for your online store.

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