Some Hidden Costs Of Free WordPress Themes You Should Know!

We live in a world where everything comes with a price tag. From birth of a new child to the very soil we don’t have authority over. Every price tag has to be paid or it will call for imprisonment. Your digital presence also costs money. You might be aware how, but you must not know about the hidden costs of free WordPress Themes!

WordPress themes come in two categories, Free and Premium. The free WordPress themes don’t cost you a penny and premium ones come with different prices. There are thousands of web developer companies in the world who produce and sell them. It’s a big market.

You must think that compromising few features you can work fine with free WordPress themes. But they also come with some hidden costs. Let’s know what you are giving away in exchange of free WordPress Themes!

1. Blind Trust:-

One of the biggest lessons life can teach you is to never have a blind trust on someone or something. Always keep the eyes open for facts. Just like that while buying free WordPress themes trusting their propaganda completely can be a mistake.

Digital has made it easy to find something. You just have to browse it and download. But it’s not that easy! When you get a free WordPress theme only by trusting its looks, you will know how useless it is while actually using it. They might impress you with glittery presentation, but when you try to make it fit into your format it gives up.

According to their advertisement, you may imagine you won’t have to put much efforts. But while managing it you will realize it take a lot than just layout to make a website work. This irritates the hell out of a programmer. Even you try to set it up with a child theme the designers have to impend preservation errors.

Many of the free WordPress theme providers promise that you won’t have to know about coding to set or manage the website. But in reality, to even enable one feature you will need to code.

So before flying away with the presentation make sure that they do as promised.

2. Needed Evaluation:-

Evaluating a free WordPress theme before getting it is really necessary. You need to make sure of what you are going to get after buying this WordPress theme. You need to thoroughly study documentation and browsing aid forums etc.

For this complete evaluation a usual panel of theme setting can be used. The free WordPress theme offers customizable tools like header, footer, page layout, sidebar widgets etc.

So you need to access the ability of the theme. Then merge the work of these tools with page builder’s competence. By doing this you will get an idea of what exactly the theme is giving you.

When you try to upgrade the theme with new and better plugins, how the theme reacts to it shows its real value. This will show you the hidden cost of free WordPress themes.

3. Set Priorities:-  

While getting a WordPress theme decide what you exactly want in it. Make a list of priorities. This will constantly remind to look for real things than being impressed of the glitter. This will show the hidden cost of WordPress theme and make you look for better one.

It’s not like every theme is bad for you. You will find one good WordPress theme that does as promised.

4. Scratch Options:-

Always opting for scratch options can also save you from these hidden costs. You can search for nominal, blank-slate type theme in corporation to page builder. This scratch will give you a base to build your website on.

You will have all the control here and be the artist on website. In this industry you can trust SKT Elements Pro, SKT page builder etc.

5. Custom Theme:-

You can even create a WordPress custom theme if you want. It can be stressful but totally worth it. If nothing ready-made works for you, nothing else left but to make it out of your own hands.

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