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A website can take your local business to new heights. It can make your reach to another continent and make money. These transactions can be secured by the perfect coding. It needs professional care. For this you have make some really good choices. The first choice you have to make is about the host. You need to buy a domain name for your business and then get a host where you can build your website. Here you can trust WordPress. It can give you great professional website with its tools and great free WordPress themes.

There are other platforms to help you make the professional website. But WordPress has a history of promising results. WordPress was merely a blogging site at first. People used to write and publish articles on it and connect. But then it stepped into the web development business. Now after more than 13 years, WordPress covers approx. 70% of the websites on whole internet.

WordPress has set of themes that users can use. But there are other web developer companies in the market who make such great free WordPress themes. We have an excellent suggestion for you. Before we go into that, let’s know more about WordPress.

The WordPress is widely used website making platform. It has all the necessary tools that you can use to build a website. It has all the premium things available for free at WordPress. It has two hosts named and

They both have a minor difference. If you choose it will provide you with ready-to-use theme. Here you have to only insert the content and that’s it. But you can’t make any changes in it. It doesn’t have the customization facility to make things the way you want.

If your choose it won’t come with the theme. It will only have tools by which you can build a website. By saying that, you will also get complete authority of your website. With scope for customization, you can make the website the way you want. If you want a ready-to-use theme then there are companies who produce them.

Have A Look At Great Free WordPress Themes By VWThemes

VWThemes has more than 110 professionally built ready-made great free WordPress themes which you can use. They have made great free WordPress themes for each profession from construction to beauty parlor and bakery to health care service. They have everything your websites need.

These WordPress themes have an attractive and responsive design. Each theme is decorated according to its profession. Each great free WordPress themes here has a customization feature. With this feature, you can make any changes into the layout without disturbing the codes. The themes have a color palate and over 100 font family options to choose from. It has different sections, best WordPress templates and sliders.

In these you can sort the information about your business. They have sections and sliders too. You have complete authority to add or delete the sections or templates in the great free WordPress themes. These themes are also multipurpose.

You can use any theme for any profession. Each great free WordPress themes here is made with bootstrap framework which gives it a robust functioning. With RTL and WPML support the theme are multilingual too.

With third-party plugin compatibility, you can add any plugins you want to it. But we suggest you to install only plugins that you will use otherwise they will become a barrier to the speed of the website. These WordPress themes are device-friendly, user-friendly, viewer-friendly, and browser friendly too.

We have shortlisted some top great free WordPress Themes by VWThemes here. Have a look!

VW IT Company WP Theme

There’s a stiff race in IT or software sector. New companies are coming each day. To maintain your position in this race you need to have a professional website.

This free IT company WP theme has everything that your website will need. This great free WP themes has elegant layout with attractive font. It has approx. 100 font family options to choose from.

The designers have given the customization option that lets you to make changes in layout. This theme is also compatible with third party plugin if you want to add one. For lingual flexibility its RTL and WPML compatible.

It has Woocommerce plugin to help you with online stores. By buying this theme you can get customer support and constant update of the theme for over a year.

VW Transport WP Theme


The transportation business is known for its tough work and increasing competition day by day. To maintain the top place in this business, you have to increase your reach. And for that internet is the only way.

We with this free Transport WP theme help you develop your webpage without any knowledge of coding or programming. This theme has several templates for specifying information about your service, staff included, contact details and social media icons.

By social media you can reach wide range of people who might need your help. Along with this, the theme is multilingual with the support of RTL and WPML plugins. It also has a customization option that lets you to make changes in layout.

This theme is Woocommerce optimized which makes the selling easier. By buying this theme you will be able to get customer support and updated theme for over a year.

VW Solar Energy WP Theme

Solar has always been eternal energy source for all the living being. With the technology you can help us in using this eternal energy. For people to know about it you need to have a website. This free WP Solar Energy theme has everything that your site needs.

This great free WordPress themes has colors and attractive fonts. The company provides approx. 100 font family options to choose from. The customization option is what attracts more customers to buy this Great free WordPress themes.

It has sections in which you can state the information about your service, your staff members and other services that you provide.

In the sliders you can add images of your products and create slideshow effect. You can add contact details, client reviews and social media icons. The theme also has enable-disable option if you want to add or delete sections.

VW Yoga WP Theme

Mental peace is as important as physical fitness. And the ancient Indian Yoga is an ultimate answer for it. By teaching yoga you help people find inner peace. And we help you reach maximum number of people through internet.

This free Yoga WP theme has everything that will attract more people to your service. Our designers have designed this theme with elegant colors and fonts. It has color palates to choose colors for the layout and 100 font family options to change fonts.

The customization option is given if you want to make changes in the layout. Different sections and templates specify the information about your services, contact details, social media icons and other content you want to add.

By buying this theme you can get customer support and upgrades for free over a year. So trust us with your webpage and explore the world of the internet.

VW Parallax WP Theme

This free WP Parallax theme is a chameleon of website themes. It can fit in for any profession or business. This great free WP theme can be used for any purpose you want.

The designers have made it to work efficiently on every business. It has elegant but strongly coded layout. It has templates and sections decorated with dark, attractive colors and fonts. This theme has near 100 font family options to choose from.

With the customization feature you can make changes as you want. You can easily enable or disable the sections as you wish. This great free WP theme is compatible with third party plugin.

This free theme has Woocommerce plugin to increase sells rate. The theme is SEO optimized and multilingual too which expands its limit on global scale. This theme is made to attract customers or viewers to your business.

VW Event Planner WP Theme

Events are the places where we connect and socialize. They add different flavors to our dull daily routine. The ones who make our time special are the event planners. They know exactly what we want in our occasions. And we know exactly what they need in their webpage.

This free Event Planner WP theme has everything that will make your event company look exceptional. The designers have used bright and fancy colors to give it an attractive look. It has near 100 font family options to choose from and it is multilingual with the support of RTL and WPML plugins. There’s a customization option if you want to make any changes in the layout.

This free theme is also compatible with third party plugins if you want to add any. The templates and sections provided in this theme are enough to showcase information and images about your previous successful events.

VW Car Rental WP Theme

The car rental business needs strong marketing in order to be profitable. It can’t just depend on mouth publicity. A great professional website can be beneficial for you.

This free Car rental WP theme helps you in creating a well functioning website. This great free WP theme has all that you need. To make more global, web developers have made it RTL and WPML supportive. In the given templates you can showcase the images of your business. Different sections specify different services provided by you.

It has sections for contact details, client reviews and social media icons. The connection of your website to social media can enhance your reach. Along with this the SEO optimization helps you keep the rank. Our designers also given the payment getaways. You can get all of these features in a mere price.

VWTHEMES have an amazing offer too. We have made a WordPress theme bundle of these 170+ premium WordPress themes. You can buy this exquisite package for 99$ only. Plus with the great free WordPress themes, you will get customer support and expert advice free for over a year.

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