Fundamental Tips To Help Choose the Best WordPress Theme

Finding difficulty with how to choose a WordPress theme from the huge number of choices out there? With so numerous choices, it can feel somewhat like picking a needle in a haystack.

Indeed, design is subjective, so I can't assist you with picking a theme that coordinates with your taste, however I can help you ensure that whichever theme you wind up picking will lay out the groundwork for your WordPress site.

Obviously, not all WordPress themes are made equivalent, and there are some boxes you need a theme to check so you don't run into issues.

To help you settle on your choice, I will share three tips to assist you to choose a WordPress theme that will make a solid foundation for your site.

How to Choose a WordPress Theme In 2021

1. Pick a Lightweight WordPress Theme

To choose a WordPress theme is the main piece of your site's foundation and, all things considered, it will highly affect your site's performance and page load times.

I once ran a test where I changed from a "standard" WordPress theme to a performance optimized one and my page load times dropped by 42%. That is colossal!

How rapidly your site loads is significant for everything from client experience to SEO to conversion rates, so it's not something you can overlook.

In case you're looking for a free theme, install it on a test site. At that point, run it through GTmetrix and perceive how it does.

For a premium WordPress theme, you can do exactly the same thing with the public theme demo. This is certifiably not an ideal technique on the grounds that the theme developer may be loading their very own tracking scripts following contents that wouldn't be important for your site, however it should give you a fair thought of how optimized the theme is.

2. Search for Something That You Can Make Your Own (Via the Customizer)

In case you're fortunate, you may discover a theme that looks totally pixel-perfect right out of the box.

In any case, the chances of that are quite thin, and you'll most likely need the capacity to change things to make them your own.

In the event that sounds like you, you'll need a theme that makes it simple for you to roll out those improvements without requiring any specialized technical knowledge.

In particular, you'll need a theme that uses the WordPress Customizer. This is a core WordPress feature that allows you to customize different parts of your theme's looks utilizing a beginner-friendly interface and a live preview of your site.

For instance, with the Sydney theme, you can customize your site's colors, looks, layouts, and more using this easy to work interface:

A few themes give you a greater number of choices than others, so you'll need to look at precisely what you can customize. Also, many themes give you some customization options for free however expect you to buy the Pro version to get every one of the features, which is something else to consider.

3. Know That Themes Are for Design, Plugins Are for Functionality

At the point when you choose a WordPress theme, it tends to be enticing to search for a theme that does all that you want directly out of the crate.

For instance, on the off chance that you need to make an events site, you may search for a theme that includes a built-in events schedule feature.

As enticing as that may be, I will advise you not to do that.

In WordPress, there should be a clear difference between themes and plugins.

You choose a theme for its design and you use plugins to add functionality. A theme ought not both control your design and add functionality.

The main explanation is portability. In the event that you pick a theme that controls both design and functionality, you'll essentially be secured in that theme forever. Then again, in the event that you separate the two, you can generally switch between themes depending on the situation.

That doesn't mean you can't get an out-of-the-box answer, however. Rather than searching for a theme that joins everything, search for a theme that is worked to integrate with a plugin that offers the functionality that you need.

For instance, in the event that you need a theme that offers drag-and-drop design functionality, you might not have any desire to choose a WordPress theme with an built-in builder since it will secure you. All things considered, you could pick a theme that is intended to incorporate with a third-party page builder like Elementor.

Likewise, in the event that you need to run an eCommerce store, you could utilize a theme like Airi which is worked to incorporate with the WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce functionality.

Or then again, in the event that you need to launch an online course, you may need the Astra theme, which offers built-in integrations for two well known WordPress course plugins.

In future, many themes will really come packaged with a bunch of suggested plugins, which is an extraordinary method to get the best of both worlds. You actually get the out-of-the-box functionality that you need, yet you'll likewise have the option to change your theme later on if necessary.

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