Tips To Revolutionise Your WP_Query To Create Pagination In WordPress


To increase page views of your website the WP_query to create pagination in WordPress is one of the most popular and productive technique among many. We will discuss this in the way to be interesting and easy for you to use it for your website.

WP_Query Definition

The classes in WordPress are many and WP_Query is considered to be the most significant of all. The reason is giving access to records, posts, pages and custom post types in the database without the developer’s need to write complex SQL queries to extract the relevant information.

Meaning Of Pagination In WordPress

Pagination allows you to return to original post being posted in a long post by giving links to other than main pages in the form of back button in section of original post.

Purpose Of WP_Query Pagination

  • While using a well coded WordPress theme you can add tag at the start of next page and end of the post to do the job of proper navigation.
  • Since long posts are annoying for the readers besides taking long loading time and being inconvenient. Therefore it is split into different pages to make it easier for users to digest all the information provided.
  • WP_query to create pagination in WordPress is a well-known functionality among the webmaster or website owner in WordPress to be useful with links or numerical pagination to split the different parts of long posts into desired parts and previous-next pagination.
  • As in the name it can perform its main task i.e. navigation here with any WordPress theme or child theme.
  • WordPress wp_query pagination purifies within posts, custom post types, categories, tags, authors etc.
  • The major is easier navigation with users instantly getting knowledge of number of posts and pages.
  • Clean and crisp look is available as posts are kept shorter thus the front page is clutter free.
  • Users can go through relevant information of your website like call to action as a result distraction with unnecessary data is avoided.
  • The trimmed post becomes attractive to act good with marketing strategy by attracting more traffic and keeping them engaged.
  • Pagination in WordPress keeps the bounce rates at highest level to increase view on our pages and a good conversion rate into sales resulting in higher  ranking in Search Engine.
  • Performance of website in WordPress becomes better.
  • Length and look decision of posts is in the hands of user taking the benefit of this query.
  • Contemporary WordPress themes and templates does not easily provide the above three to four features with previous-next or numeric pagination  thus wp_query to create pagination in WordPress is to be used.
  • Better user experience is given through your website.

How To Create Pagination By wp_query

The default Previous-next pagination in WordPress can be easily coded and implemented. The basic problem is it don’t work in modern WordPress themes. The Wp_query is preferable to create pagination. To understand the working of Wp_query to create pagination in WordPress you need to acquire the knowledge of codex pages on this topic.

Alerts While Usage

Before starting with WP_query create a full backup of your website. To restore and filter webpage information the query post command usage is not recommended for below reasons. Simplicity of query posts creates difficulty in changing new query of a webpage with a new one. Another problem is repetition of inefficient SQL queries in a loop. Thus here WP-query pagination is a better method to be functional with multiple number of loops. The advantage of above procedure is determining right query on every page to pull up the relevant posts. The other is more request information availability helping in troubleshoot and optimise webpage features. Finally more complex queries will run simply, efficiently, and safely in databases.


Pagination in itself is the key feature for any WordPress user to be useful for various purposes as also detailed above. Parting long posts into different pieces and showing it on a separate page is considered to be good practice. Using as Wp_query pagination  it gets the boon required to be revolutionise in WordPress based websites.

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