4 Best Plugins For WordPress Comments That You Should Try

Comments give us an idea regarding the best and the worst part of the internet. And when it comes to websites, they are clearly incomplete without comments. As websites are supposed to be interactive, comments make them a two-way street. The owner feeds the news, articles, reviews, and readers of those articles and news post their comments. These comments help to create a lively community that makes the website more engaging and a nicer place to spend time on. So if you are looking to add a comment section to your website, we provide you with an easy way to do that and that is by using WordPress Comment Plugins.

Best Plugins For WordPress Comments

To make your website more interesting and engaging and if you want to be genuine enough to let your audience know what your visitors think about your services, blogs, business, or any things that your website is related to, then add WordPress comments to your web page would be great. For that, there is no need to rely upon the developers or write and tweak the codes to add comment fields to your website as we have many useful plugins making things a lot easier for you.

The Best WordPress Comment Plugins For Your Website

We present you a list of some incredibly useful and best plugins for WordPress comments that will ease the task for you. Let us have a look at them one by one.

1. Jetpack Comments

Jetpack Comments is a good WordPress comments plugin rather than an add-on that enables users to log in and post their comments using their social media accounts. It is included in the Jetpack plugin. This add-on shows compatibility with WordPress.com, Twitter, Facebook, Google accounts, etc. this means, it can also be used for adding comments to WordPress.

This plugin doesn’t allow you to change the comment form, add any feature to it or change the look and feel of the comments but as it enables you to add social media login feature, this reason is enough to make it worth considering.


- Includes several features as an all-in-one WP plugin.

- users can post comments by logging in with their social media accounts.

- Works amazingly with WP themes and it is Free!


As it has so many features included, this would lead to conflicts if you are using some other plugins for obtaining the features that are already included in Jetpack.

2. Simple Comment Editing

Simple Comment Editing has one really useful feature that made us include it in the list of best plugins for WordPress comments. It allows the commenter a time of 5 minutes to add and edit their comment before it is published. Cool, isn’t it? This plugin is free and works really well. It hardly needs any kind of configuration to be done. It gives you the choice to enable email notifications for comment updates and disable comment deletion. You can also hide the timer from users.


- Gives a 5 min window to commenters for editing comments

- advanced customization is available with the premium version

- it is Free!


- It offers limited customization options

Along with this also Learn about the top website support WordPress chat plugins so you can easily engage with your customers and handle their problems. Chat plugins offer more than simply customer service; they also measure traffic and provide faster response options. These discussion plugins might help you stand out from the crowd and attract new users to your site.

3. Thrive Comments

Thrive Comment is a powerful plugin that adds more glamour to commenting and gives more options by allowing commenting with badges, votes, comment sharing, etc. As social networks are created with the gamification thing, you know its efficacy better. This plugin allows the social media log in, share prompts to get the commenters for sharing their social networks.  It also replaces the comment section with a better booking one. If you are an analytical person, this plugin has the ability to measure a lot of metrics around the comments.


- allows users to like, upvote, and engage frequent visitors with earned badges.

- comment sharing on social media

- Ability to turn comments into conversions

- comment sorting


- This plugin is a part of the complete Thrive Suite. So in order to use it, you will need to pick the entire suite.

- It is a premium plugin costing $19 per month.

4. wpDiscuz

It is a complete plugin that gives a fresh look to the comment section, enables inline comments, as well as comments and updates, live notifications. You will find social media integration, post rating feature, editor, and it also uses reCAPTCHA that helps to reduce spam. In terms of ease of use, value, and look; this is one of the best plugins for WordPress comments. You get to choose from different styles, comments lazy load that helps your site in performance. There is also a full reporting tool with all the metrics as well as graphs. It is free but if you want there is an add-on bundle available for $99.


- login through social media accounts is possible

- using the comment bubble, you can include a sticky comment icon on your page.

- users will be able to rate your articles without leaving the comments


- delayed response from the support team

There are many more to the list but the ones we have listed are currently the best plugins for WordPress comments that you can try.

Having said that, there are other useful plugins also that VWThemes provide you. Some of these plugins are useful to add additional features to your website while some give you an easy way to create your web page.

VW Social Media Plugin

With Social Media Plugin, you can add different social media icons to your website making the options available for sharing and promoting your products on a global platform. It is a great way to share the web page on different popular social platforms. You will be able to add, customize and change the positions of the icons. It facilitates the option to change the alignments and shape of these icons. Apart from that, you have the freedom to customize the logo, the color of these icons. Show and hide options are also made available for the users.

WordPress Website Builder

Creating a web page can sometimes be complicated especially for beginners. For them, this WordPress Website Builder is a savior. You don’t really have to stress a lot as this page builder can do the work for you. Developers can also find it immensely useful as it speeds up the development process by skipping the tedious coding part.

You do not have to stick to the basic codes and methodology and get a new approach for creating a web page in a quick time. You can quickly use the ready-made blocks and hammer out enticing pages.  There are all the settings fr making quick customization giving full control over the page.

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Wrapping Up:

We have listed a few best plugins for WordPress Comments that will prove in handy. Apart from that, you will find some useful plugins that can help you to improve as well as build your website with minimum effort.

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