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Every website design comes with a lot of questions arising in user's minds. And why not? Users urging you to know more about your site and raising questions is beneficial. It shows the audience is interested in your work and wants to know more about it. 

Well, these questions go nowhere but are resolved using the FAQ section. This is the section or a separate page on your website with additional questions and answers. The section is designed wherein the site owner puts in some of the most common questions users might have when visiting your site. So, instead of raising customer support queries, their common questions can be easily solved using this section only. 

Adding an FAQ section to your site comes with a lot of benefits. You can add this using the Best FAQ Plugin for WordPress. Using plugins is the most convenient way to add and innovate FAQ sections on your site. You don’t need to move anywhere, as this entire subject is easily explained in this blog. Let’s get started. 

Why Do We Need a FAQ Section on the Website? 

A website’s FAQ page is a page with an organized list of questions and answers related to your business. It can contain a list of questions and answers related to products and services on your site. It seems like a type of customer service feature so that users coming to your site have no doubts about your company's services. This is where you can put the relevant questions and answers that may arise in the user’s mind. 

The FAQ section plays an important role when it comes to your brand value. So, here are some benefits of using the FAQ section on your website: 

  1. Adding the FAQ section eventually adds more content to your site. Sometimes, the overall content fails to satisfy the user’s queries, but the FAQ section does. Users searching for some content can easily find the results through the FAQ section. Thus, it can help boost organic search results. 
  2. An FAQ page or section can help users explore more of your website. However, users get additional details hidden on your website or about your services. 
  3. An FAQ page shows professionalism and care about your customers and their time. It shows you value your clients and make sure that they get everything they desire. 
  4. Customers coming to your site have never-ending queries, and sometimes some of them may remain unresolved. By adding the FAQ section, you can ensure all the queries are resolved and the customer’s time is saved. 
  5. When all the customer queries are resolved and they seem happy, eventually the user experience is boosted on your site. 

What are the Benefits of Using FAQ Plugins on Your Website? 

You know how vital it is to add an FAQ section to your page. Now this can be even easier when you have the frequently asked questions plugin WordPress with you. Let us know how beneficial it is to use the Best FAQ Plugin for WordPress on your site: 

  1. Using The FAQ Plugin helps streamline the section perfectly with pepper customization. The FAQ section can be easily styled to look as per your overall website. 
  2. The FAQ section gives an exact and brief note on the user’s queries; this is how most of the time is saved in searching for the right details. Using FAQ plugins thus helps boost the overall user experience. 
  3. Since adding the FAQ section is a type of customer support system, you will see there are fewer customer queries on your site. 
  4. Also, using The FAQ Plugin to add an interactive FAQ section helps bots crawl smoothly on your site. Thus, SEO and user engagement are boosted. 

Listing the Best FAQ Plugins for WordPress 

1. VW Accordion Plugin 


We are presenting you first with this VW Accordion plugin to build an interactive FAQ section on your site. Get your website more productive using this fully responsive accordion plugin with many features to load. The accordion FAQ builder plugin comes with many customization features to create an FAQ section on your site. The plugin does not ask you to write heavy code or call a developer to build an FAQ section on your site. Customization is fully possible by building several accordions or styling them in various forms. It is the best FAQ plugin for WordPress. 

Also, it allows adding various accordions to the desired place on your website. These short-codes are there and make building accordions and FAQ sections much easier. Overall, the Accordion plugin excels at building an FAQ section, along with more features to add. 

Key features 

  • The plugin is fully responsive and can be fitted to every screen. 
  • The FAQ section and accordion can be placed anywhere on your site. 
  • It is fully customizable and allows the building of multiple accordions. 
  • The accordions built with this plugin are compatible with any theme you have. 

2. Ultimate FAQ Plugin 


The ultimate FAQ plugin is another most-referred tool if you are thinking of adding an FAQ section to your site. Not only this, but the plugin comes with full support for adding accordions, tags, and categories. This dignified plugin holds user-friendly support that eases the creation of an FAQ section on your site. 

One feature that makes the Ultimate FAQ plugin a great one is its collaboration with short-codes and the Gutenberg editor. This means it follows a fully user-friendly interface that supports both beginners and developers. For the Gutenberg editor, you can simply use the drag-and-drop facility to build FAQ sections, accordions, and more. Also, users visiting your site can leave comments on individual FAQs for an interactive purpose. Even this frequently asked questions plugin WordPress offers to create multiple accordions and FAQs on your site. 

Key features 

  • Ultimate FAQ follows a fully responsive FAQ web page design that fits evenly on every screen. 
  • Multiple FAQs can be easily created using this plugin. 
  • FAQ layouts can be customized, including styles and fonts. 
  • Created FAQs can be imported from the spreadsheet. 

3. Accordion FAQ Plugin 

Beat the competition and create innovative FAQ sections on your site using this Accordion FAQ plugin. The plugin has the most creative user interface that acts with ease for all users. Building creative accordions and FAQ sections is much easier when you have this. Also, customization is available to put on the best styles for your FAQ sections and accordions. 

Further, it allows perfect sorting and sectioning of the FAQs as per user needs. Users receive full customer support that eases the queries and issues coming on their way to building FAQs. The built-in Bootstrap makes the FAQ section adjust well on every screen. This best FAQ plugin for WordPress even allows adding short-codes to add FAQs to your websites.

Key features 

  • The Bootstrap framework lets the FAQ section fit well on every device screen. 
  • The plugin seems highly customizable, so users can style the FAQs as they need. 
  • Creating limitless accordions is made easier with this plugin. 

4. WP Responsive FAQ 

Just like its name suggests, the WP Responsive FAQ follows up with the latest FAQ web page design trends for having a responsive FAQ. With the rise in the use of mobile devices, this Q&A plugin WordPress ensures that the FAQ section easily fits on your device. It uses a short-code system that helps the FAQs place perfectly on any part of the website. 

Although the plugin is free to use, it even comes with premium versions. It comes with the WooCommerce integration and extended short-codes for adding FAQs to your site. Also, customization is much more advanced when you have the premium version. There are categories to display and organize FAQs on your site. 

Key features 

  • The plugin comes in free and premium versions to use. 
  • Customizable properties help FAQs organize and display perfectly. 
  • It follows a responsive design so that the FAQ section easily fits every device screen. 
  • The premium version allows Woocommerce integration for product-based FAQs. 

5. Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs 

Introducing the most unique solution that not only helps in building FAQs but also creates your entire website. This is something unique among other FAQ plugins that makes it unique among other best FAQ plugin for WordPress. You must have come across so many FAQ plugins, but this tool helps to create a knowledge base for your site. 

The FAQ section created using the plugin allows the incorporation of user guides and other documents. There is a separate search panel that allows users to search for what they are looking for and find it efficiently. It even integrates with various free or premium WordPress themes and design FAQ sections to show exactly how your site is designed. Although this tool comes in its free version, you can get its premium version to get more advanced features. 

Key features 

  • The plugin even allows the creation of the entire website along with a knowledge base. 
  • Users can even attach the downloaded documents and user guides to the FAQ section. 
  • Customization is allowed so that FAQs can be styled as per your theme design. 
  • Get advanced features with its premium version, available from $15 to $80 per year. 

6. Quick and Easy FAQ 

The name only shows that the Quick and Easy FAQ is the most simple and fast-working plugin in the list. The plugin follows a simple and easy configuration that quickly creates easy FAQ sections for you. It even allows you to customize the entire section according to how your website is designed and matches it. You can even apply the custom styling features using the 

The plugin creates a custom post where you can easily place the FAQ section on your site. Even the plugin has a translation feature so that users can choose which language they prefer. 

Key features 

  • The plugin is simple and quick to respond. 
  • It has an easy configuration. 
  • Customization is allowed so that the FAQ section looks exactly like your website. 
  • It is translation-ready, so users can choose which language to prefer. 

How To Add a FAQ Section to Your Website Manually? 

Adding the FAQ section manually to your site can be done easily by following these simple steps: 

  1. Visit your website’s dashboard and tap the Pages section. 
  2. Then tap the Add New button, and you will reach the editor page screen. 
  3. Add the title of the new page as "FAQ.”. 
  4. Then, in the content section, add the frequently asked questions one by one. If you are using the header section to highlight the question part, then it will make a good impact. 
  5. Once you have added all the content to your FAQ page, save and publish the page. 
  6. Head back to the Appearance tab, select the Menus tab, and ensure that the top menu is selected. 
  7. Then, under the Pages section, you should select the FAQ page among the other listed pages. Then check the box in front of it and tap the “Add to Menu” tab. 
  8. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to decide where to place, and lastly, hit the Save button. 


That’s all. You have learned everything about the best FAQ plugin for WordPress. Adding the FAQ section to your website is very beneficial, as you have seen in this blog. 

The FAQ section is the most beneficial section that helps your site in so many ways. This is the section where you can explain the frequently arising questions among the audience. Adding FAQs helps boost the overall user experience and explain more about your company's services. While WordPress allows adding this section using the best Q&A plugin WordPress, And we have streamlined the best options for you. Also, you will find the benefits of adding FAQ and the WordPress FAQ plugins. Apart from this, we have mentioned the easiest steps to add a FAQ section manually on your site. So, if you are looking for the best plugins to add an FAQ section, this blog is your way.

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