Top Reasons To Avoid Using Free WordPress Themes

Avoid Using free WordPress themes: If you are novice and trying your hands on blogging via your website then there are chances that you can choose free WordPress themes. To start the blog, it is good to go for the free version and not invest in buying the premium themes.

But if you want to make it a money earning source then it is wise to buy premium WordPress themes to avoid so many issues, which the free themes have.

Free versions of themes are available at zero cost and on these themes you don’t get any support related with security and SEO. These free themes are good to learn in initial days of blogging but for earning purpose invest in premium WordPress themes. Let’s See, Why You Should Avoid Free WordPress Themes?

1. Security Issues

This is one of major reasons to avoid the free themes for your website. Most of the websites with free versions of themes get hacked due to vulnerable security. If you are using free theme, any malicious theme or downloading theme from any unauthorized website, then you are at high-risk of being hacked. The reason behind this vulnerability is that most of such themes include malicious code installed in their scripts and files.

By hacking your website, hackers can divert your traffic to the other site and misuse it. Also, there are other issues like, backdoors, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, malware attacks etc.

So, if you really want to work in a SEO culture with huge traffic then free WordPress themes should not be the option. Choose the premium one and create your blogs in a safe environment.

2. Mobile Issues

Most of the free themes are not mobile-friendly, which is among one of the many issues to avoid them. It is an information, that Google gives high-priority to the mobile-friendly websites. Since there are number of mobile users are way more than the laptop and pc users.

So, you are going to lose a pool of traffic, if your website is not loading properly on mobile phones. In premium themes, there are options to customize the blog as per desktop, tablets and mobile phones. But free version doesn’t has this feature.

A non-responsive mobile layout has many limitations; such as- text size, CTA and links are not visible, navigation problems and so on. So, choose the premium theme and eliminate these issues.

3. SEO Issues

The free WordPress themes are more likely to not support the SEO guidelines. If the theme is not SEO-friendly then it can affect your overall ranking in search engines.

Free bad theme can take a longer duration in loading, which will directly impact the search ranking. These theme have a low-quality web design, which is anyways not advisable for any website to use. Such themes can create navigation issues for the visitors. Most important, the free themes can block your CSS resources, which causes a delay in rendering the web page.

The free themes have a hyperlink in their footer which is the backlink of the theme creator’s website. This ultimately vanishes your page rank and the problem is you cannot remove this link, because free versions are not allowed to do so.

So, knowingly you are giving a backlink of someone else’s website on your page. You can eliminate this problem by using professional WordPress themes. This is also a basic rule of SEO that you should add maximum links of your own web pages and if not necessary then don’t use external links.

5. Compatibility Issues

The free WordPress themes are not compatible with the new plugins. The latest plugins are designed for dynamic results, which don’t get support from the free themes. You can do the changes in codes to make them compatible to new plugins but if you are not aware of the coding then it will be a problem for you.

6. Modification Issues

These themes are difficult to modify. The free themes come with few basic functionalities, limited widget areas, not very clean code and shallow documentation. It simply means, that if you want to customize the theme as per your blogging need, then it will require a huge efforts and coding knowledge. You can reach out to the theme creator for the same but you need to pay extra bucks to them for these changes.

The features of these themes are also problematic. If you try to modify them then you will end up getting worst loading time. Free themes also don’t support e-commerce and integration with third party payment, which again requires modification and theme creator’s help.

7. Support Issues

Lack of customer support can be an important reason for you to stay away from the free WordPress themes. The free versions have ample issues to resolve, so they normally don’t provide proper customer support.

Many free version users face so many problems with theme’s execution and its feature related things. Whereas, the premium users have not to wait for the customer support for any small issue. Normally premium versions don’t have issues but if any arise then you will get the support in no time.

8. Some Other Issues

Free WordPress themes are free, which we all know. But these free themes cost you many other issues. There is a catch to use the free version of WordPress theme.

Most of the themes are not unique. Their designs are not attractive or appealing at all. You will end up standing in a crowd and your website will not have a promising look. Being a beginner you want a unique solution for your website to attract the traffic. If your website will look like other thousands of sites then why people will turn to your web page?

These themes have some or other links in their footer, as mentioned above. It might be hyperlink to the theme creator’s website and it also can be any malicious code, which can ruin your website in any ways.

The CSS codes of the free themes are complex, which are hard to understand and tweak.

To make your website unique and to get organic traffic, you need an overall out of the box look and feel for your website. You can hire a professional to design your website exactly the way you want. But yes it will cost you a huge sum of amount. If you have a budget to pay extra bucks to a web developer then this can be a good decision. The other possible way is, buying the premium version of the WordPress theme.

As we discussed above, premium versions are vogue and designer themes. They will surely give an eye-catching look to your website. The free WordPress themes with myriad problems will always distract you and you won’t be able to concentrate on your business and blogs. Whereas, if using premium theme then you can give your time and efforts to the blog creations and making the website beneficial for you.

Earn money from your blogs and don’t get trapped by hackers. Either use premium themes on WordPress or hire a web designer to make a creative, impressive and SEO-friendly website. Get the organic traffic on your blogs without any trouble.

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