5 Important Reasons Why Do I Need A Personal Website?

Every day, there are more than 547000 new websites created. Most of these websites are mostly business or service-related, for blogging, for a new startup agency, online store, introducing an NGO, and more. But what about creating a personal website?

Why Do I Need a Personal Website?

There are a number of advantages of setting up a personal website. Creating a personal website is considered a necessity by many people. This includes entrepreneurs, professionals related to media and digital marketing, entertainment, creative people as well as artists. Knowing this fact also, many people still decline to claim their online space on the web. The reason is not lacking expertise for creating a website but there are many other things to it. The main reason is people fail to understand the potential of the online platform and are not able to see the value it brings when you set up a personal website. There is a common misconception that being on social media platforms itself is sufficient. Though you are able to connect with a lot of people through these social media platforms, the fact is, most people search on Google for the required stuff. so here, a website has an important role to play.

Benefits Of Having A Personal Website

If you are still not convinced, here are a few benefits that will convince you about the need of a personal website.

1. For Effective Branding

In this digital world, branding is everything. With a huge competition existing in every field, you can only meet success if you are effectively branding yourself. If you are unable to stand out from the crowd, you cannot guarantee success. This is where a strong brand identity comes into the picture. Through your personal website, you will be able to show everything regarding your profession, what makes you an expert and different from others. You can put up a strong profile and bio to get attention. Depending upon your skills, you can customize the entire website by tweaking the colors, changing the texts and imagery, and making them suitable to your personality. It creates a more accurate representation of your skills and capabilities. This you certainly cannot do with a non-customizable social media profile.

2. Better Chances Of Finding Employment

Millions of professionals still struggle to find work. Now you might say, I have a LinkedIn account and that can help. So why do I need a personal website? Though having a LinkedIn account will help to some extent, there might be cases that you may fall through the cracks. One of the biggest reasons is there are still many recruiters as well as employers that are not on social media. According to research, there are approx. 40% of companies actually prefer going on social media to gather info about the possible recruits.

Apart from that, social media can be daunting when it comes to searching for a particular person with a name as there are many other people having a similar name on social media. So any recruiter will find it difficult to pick you correctly from hundreds of similar names existing on Facebook. On the contrary, having your personal website will remove all the possibilities of anything going wrong as it has all the information about you including your personal info, as well as a link to your resume making it much easier for recruiters to hire you. A personal website will also be ranked in Google searches which further increases your chances of being spotted.

3. It Is Your Digital Portfolio

You can not only showcase your work on your website but also support it with proof of your abilities. This is certainly going to create a positive impression especially if you are in one of the creative fields like web designing, music, art, etc. while you will be able to list out your skills on the resume, having a personal website can directly showcase your skills and make people see exactly what you are an expert in.

Let’s suppose you are a graphic designer who is looking for a job. Then on your personal website, you can show the various designs you have created, and images edited for the top magazines. If the recruiter is able to find your images and see the work you have done, they will definitely get a better idea about your working skills and can be sure if they want to hire you or not. What I mean to say is, you can showcase your work through your website si that recruiters get a perfect idea and they can decide if you are a perfect match for their project or not.

4. Promote Yourself And Share Knowledge

If you are into a profession that deals with inspiring people such as motivational speakers, life coaches, etc. then a personal website can be immensely useful for you. It serves as a great place to let the world know about your skills as a motivator and life coach. You can provide contact info that will help people to get in touch with you.

You can also share videos on your website, list your past work and show the number of clients you have worked for as this will cast a positive impression. You can also publish personal blogs, informational pieces, and tutorials that can help you build your profile as an expert in your domain. You can show more diversity through a personal website as compared to any business platform.

5. Building The SEO

The content that you put up on your website also works for your overall SEO presence. The blog posts, articles, and other informative content on your website include keywords. In addition to that, websites allow you to share links to other profiles as well as places on the web where other pieces of your work can be found. This is known as back linking which is also an important factor in SEO.

Wrap Up:

As you have seen, a personal website is very much beneficial in advancing your professional life. Hope this article has given a convincing answer to your question of why do I need a personal website. Ofcourse, you need a responsive WordPress Themes to create a wonderfully personal website. VWthemes has WordPress Theme Bundle available for you. Check out now and grab yours at a discounted price!

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