Best Tips To Protect WordPress Admin Area from Spam Malware Hack
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Best Tips To Protect WordPress Admin Area From Spam Malware Hack

Like every other asset you own, the security of your WordPress site is vital and you have to take every effort to keep safe and protect WordPress admin area from spam malware hack and other vulnerabilities. Think it this way… would you ever leave your home unlocked? Definitely not. Your website is what represents you on the digital platform and losing it will cost you as well as your business a lot. So you just cannot keep the security of your WordPress website at stake.

Websites face some of the common security issues like brute force attacks, malware, and spam, injecting into SQL, and more. You will have to take measures to protect WordPress admin area from spam malware hacks and other vulnerabilities.


Why Do You Need To Protect WordPress Admin Area?


The need to protect WordPress admin area occurs because of the following reasons that give rise to vulnerabilities.

– Relying On Non-Trustworthy Sources

The sources that have poor quality codes, are poorly managed, or are insecure always open a path for hackers to peek in. It gives a signal to hackers that this site can be easily hacked. Downloading files or themes from untrusted sources can cost a lot as there is always a chance of them containing malware that hackers keep their eye on and your site may get hacked easily.

– Short Passwords

Cracking shorter passwords is much easier as compared to the longer ones since they take a longer time to crack with brute force attacks. However, short passwords can be easily cracked with brute force attacks in a shorter amount of time.

– Irregular Updations

If your themes and plugins are not updated, they may have security loopholes that might pave the way for hackers. Using updated versions is much better as they have been updated for fixing any bugs and security issues.

Shared Hosting Plan

In shared hosting, there are many websites that share the same server. In such a case, if hackers get access to any of the websites, it becomes very easy for them to access the other websites present on the same server. Hence, shared hosting gives the hacker an alternative to attacking the admin area of WP websites. So it is very very essential to protect WordPress admin area from spam malware hack.

How To Protect WordPress Admin Area From Spam Malware Hack?

Here are a few tips that will be immensely useful in protecting your WP admin area and improving the security of your WordPress website.

Strong And Longer Passwords

The longer and stronger the password, the less are the chances of it getting cracked by brute force attempts making it difficult for the hackers to invade your website. To make your password strong, the use of special characters is always recommended. To ensure the safety of your site, you should keep on changing the password every 6 months or so.


Restrict The Number Of Login Attempts

Setting the number of login attempts to your WordPress admin area is a good practice. Suppose if you set four attempts then if any other person tries to log in to your site and enters the password more than four times, then that person is automatically prohibited from making further login attempts to your site.

Website Application Firewall

The incoming and outgoing traffic on your website is monitored by the website application firewall. It blocks suspicious requests thereby ensuring the security of your website. It is another way to protect your WP admin area.

Implement The Two-Step Verification Process

The two-step verification process is safer as compared to direct login ( which is a single step process). Here a six-digit verification code is sent to the user on the registered email id or phone number. User needs to enter that number into the field after entering the username and password for getting access.

Scan Your Website Regularly

Scanning your WP site can give you a confirmation regarding the proper functioning of your website as scans generate reports regarding any threats that may affect the normal functioning of your site.

Limit The Access

Limit the access of your website only to a few trusted users. When you limit the IP addresses, you are taking a step to protect WordPress admin area from spam malware hack.

Take Away The Hints

Remove the security questions that act as hints. These hints may be used by the hackers to guess your password.

The above tips will help you to protect WordPress admin area from spam malware hacks. However, you should be ready for the worst situation. So, always have a backup plan ready. If in case, your website gets hacked, you should not lose all your data. For this, scheduling timely backups and storing them to a remote backup location that too securely is essential. 

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