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How To Add A Facebook Pixel To WordPress Website

Talking about WordPress, this platform has over 37% of the total websites on the internet. This also means that there is huge competition in the market. And to survive in the market of this Content Management System and dominate the competition, you need to add a Facebook Pixel to WordPress website. We have the best collection of over 140+ professional WordPress themes for you.

Add A Facebook Pixel To WordPress

Well today, we are here to explain to you in simple terms, all the important things you need to learn about Facebook Pixel. Right from what it is, to add a Facebook pixel to your WordPress site and why you need to do it. So let’s get started with the most basic question. Along with this have a look at our WP Themes With Demo Content for your business website.

What is Facebook Pixel?

In this article of how Add A Facebook Pixel To WordPress, Facebook Pixel is the younger brother of Google Analytics for Facebook Ads. It is an analytics tool, managed by the Facebook Business Manager that helps you in evaluating the effectiveness of your advertising and allows you to understand the actions taken by people on your website. Facebook Pixel helps you to perform the following tasks:

Showing ads to the right people

Facebook Pixel helps you in navigating new customers who have visited a specified page or taken a desired action on your website. 

Driving more sales

Facebook Pixel sets up automatic bidding to reach people who are more likely to take the action that you desire. Say, for example, they are more likely to make a purchase or click on your site or similar actions that make you some sort of profit.

Measure the effectiveness of your ads

This add a Facebook Pixel to WordPress, It helps you gain a better understanding of the impact of your ads on your audience by evaluating their actions when they see your ad. 

Actions taken by the audience are taken into consideration and that provides valuable data. The data captured is used to filter ads on Instagram and Facebook which helps in amplifying the performance. The data collected can also be used to show ads only to the target audience which will increase the chances of getting desired results and also will enhance the experience of the user from the consumer perspective. One more thing that is worth noting is that from the pixel data, you can also create a custom audience and new loyal customers. Now that it is crystal clear to you the meaning of Facebook Pixel. Let’s exchange some words about the importance of the same. 

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Why Is Facebook Pixel Important?

To add Facebook Pixel to the WordPress website has considerable importance. Its importance can be observed in many areas like planning, optimization, development, audience creation, and evaluation and measurement. We have made a list of points that evince the importance of adding a Facebook pixel to your WordPress Website. Let’s take a look at them! 

To Create Custom Audience

Facebook Pixel uses the key insights from the visitor’s action on your site to create an audience for retargeting. The key insights provide data based on which custom audiences can be created based on their activities on your site. 

E.g. By using the necessary data, you can create powerful audiences and loyal customers that performed certain activities like visiting particular product pages, making a purchase of a particular product, clicking on a certain ad, etc. This will provide aid in customizing ads for a particular group of audiences performing similar tasks. That takes me to the next point.

In Creating Similar Audience 

 A similar audience category is a group of people that share similar characteristics. The same data that helps in creating a custom audience is used to create a lookalike audience that is observed to have done similar tasks. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), such people among the users of Facebook are pointed out enabling a huge audience with akin traits that showed an authentic interest in a particular product or service. 

And as I mentioned earlier, this personalized ad system will create many potential customers as it will improve their experience on the site. And here comes the business thing, your chances of driving more conversions increases as it becomes more expedient for you to target such an audience. In addition, this also helps in expanding the potential customer base.

Tracking Conversions

The main motive of running ads on Facebook is always amplifying the revenue we generate through that investment. Basically, the Return on Investment (ROI) thing is what we think of while running ads. And Facebook Pixel helps you in keeping track of the conversions with every single detail of just everything! And this helps you in evaluating the ROI. 

Particulars relating to the actions people take on your site are provided by Pixel. And hence, it will contribute to calculating the revenue you are making through the ads. Also, Facebook Ads Manager will assist you with this information and allow you to apply the insights to optimize your ads. 

Optimization For Conversion

You can use Pixel to the target audience with the highest possibility of conversion. This program will help to launch powerful ad campaigns to get more customers. Let me explain that.

Suppose you are burning the midnight oil to target a particular section of the people. And these fellows are more likely to take the action that you desire. So, the optimization process here will help you in showing ads to those specific people which are probably going to drive your sales. And installing Facebook Pixel to WordPress is a must for conversion optimization.  

Dynamic Product Ads

There will be certain cases when the purchase of an item will be missed from an edge. Maybe the customer put the item in the wishlist or even in the cart but did not make an order. Well, here’s a piece of good news for you! Such types of people can be your potential buyers. With the right strategy, you can convert their wishlist into their purchases! Here is how.

Facebook Pixel will help you in reaching out to such people. Such segments of people can be retargeted through the ads of the products they are interested in. This process of retargeting people through personalized ads is called Dynamic Product Ads. 

Getting The Most Out Of Ads

FB Pixel assists you with the data of customers who made a purchase from your site along with the amount they spent on your site. This helps you in dividing people into categories not only based on their purchases but also the amount they spent. 

Customers who spend the most will derive more profit. Hence, with the help of Facebook Pixel, you can show ads of different products to different people according to their budget.  

The ones who tend to spend more get to see an ad for branded and high-quality products. And those who spend less will see ads of budget-friendly products. This customized and personalized ad system will help you gain more customers as you will show them what they want to see. And happy customer equals loyal customer!

So this was a list of some of the advantages and benefits that Facebook Pixel offers you. Mark my words! I said some of the advantages. There are many more to be mentioned, but let’s leave that for another article. And now, allow me to explain to you how to add a Facebook pixel to WordPress. 

Adding Facebook Pixel To WordPress Website

We are assuming that you have already installed Pixel which indeed is an effortless process. And the moment you have Pixel, you can install the same as follows. 

One thing you have to take note of is that to install the Facebook pixel, it is necessary to have admin-level access to your WordPress dashboard. 

The basic step is to find the Event Manager, then select the Pixel, and then click on Continue Setup. Here, we will explain both the methods, viz. The Manual Method and Plugins method to install the same. 

Manual Method

So, to add a Facebook Pixel to WordPress manually, you need to follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Select the option “Install Code Manually”. 
  • With the help of the popup window, find the header section of your website. The base code for Facebook Pixel is supposed to be added here. 
  • You need to copy the Pixel base code. 
  • Find the Appearance option from the left side menu of the dashboard. And then click on Theme Editor.
  • Find the theme header that is header.php
  • Now, just above the closing head tag, paste the base code at the bottom of the header section. 
  • Click on Continue to proceed. 
  • Here, you can verify the data you want to send. Also, you can enable the “Automatic Advanced Matching”. Although this is not mandatory, just in case you want, you can do it.
  • You can also add events through the Event Setup Tool or by adding the pertinent code to your site.
  • Once you are done with all the necessary amendments, click on the Done option. 

This was a brief explanation of how to add Facebook Pixel to WordPress manually. Let’s jump to the next method that is considered to be more convenient. 

Plugin Method

Using plugins is considered to be the most expedient method to install Facebook Pixel to your WordPress website. Keep reading and we will share with you every detail that is needed to be understood to use this method. 

Insert Headers and Footers

Now, this plugin helps in inserting codes on your WordPress Website. Codes such as custom CSS, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, etc. can be added using this plugin. 

Perform the following steps to install the program to your WordPress Website. 

  • First, you need to search for the Insert Headers and Footers plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. 
  • Needless to say, Install that plugin.
  • Now, as per your choice, you can either activate the plugin right away or activate it later on by finding the Plugins menu from the dashboard. 
  • Now that the plugin is activated, you are required to copy the Pixel code from the Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Click on Settings from your WordPress dashboard and then select Insert Headers and Footers option. 
  • Navigate Scripts in Header and all you need to do is paste the Pixel code there. 
  • Now click on Save. 

And guess what? It was that easy! This effortless task can benefit you more than you can even imagine. These small changes can give you remarkable results.

In this article Add A Facebook Pixel To WordPress, I hope you got all the important points and this article helped. If you have any questions you can write them in the comments below. Also, if you want me to touch any other topic, you can write that down. We appreciate it when you put down your thoughts! Also if you think you can share the article too! It’s free! 

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