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21 Best Free Blogger Templates To Create Attractive Blogs

Some Best Free Blogger Templates For Highly Professional Blogs

WordPress is undoubtedly an ideal platform for creating any kind of website and blogging is not an exception to this. So whether you are looking to represent your portfolio, want to show your own creation, or want to share your thoughts and experiences through blogs; WordPress can help you get any website with complete ease and comfort. WordPress comes with a lot of features along with the ever-expanding library of add-ons as well as plugins. If you are aiming to create a video-sharing website or a video blog, you can achieve that with ease using a WordPress theme. So, whatever may be the type of website that you are trying to create; a WordPress theme helps you do that with utmost comfort and speed as you are able to do it yourself without knowing about codes or even without hiring a professional web developer. The themes that are listed here are among the best free blogger templates.

These themes have the best free blogger templates giving a great sigh of relief to people who are willing to create a video blogging site or even a simple blog for sharing their stories or experiences. When you go through the collection that we have listed here, you will find that every single theme has a responsive layout to makes sure that your mobile users can smoothly access your content and get a fabulous user experience on their mobile devices as well.

Most of the themes here also include social sharing options for better promotion of the blog posts and video posts that you bring thus popularizing your blog. There are many other features too to look for depending upon the requirements of your blogging site. Some themes include the commenting feature which is great for building a community of readers around you.

How Best Free Blogger Templates Can Be Useful?

Any page template gives you the freedom to control the design or apply the changes of that particular page or similar class of pages. On similar grounds, the best free blogger templates have a high level of specificity. It targets an individual page or a group of pages. As we are talking about blogging templates, these templates will let you apply the changes in the blog pages of your website making it appear more specific and classy.

So have a look at these amazing themes and enjoy using blogger templates that will give you amazing blogging sites.

21+ Best Free Video Blogger WordPress Templates

Video Blog WordPress Theme

Video Blog WordPress Theme - best free blogger templates

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Every video blogger wants his/her blogging site to show their style and reflect their personality as well as the purpose of the blog. Apart from that, an outstanding viewing and reading experience is something that is expected by the viewers from the blogging site. So to satisfy all these needs of video blogging websites, we bring you this Video Blog WordPress Theme. This blogging theme will help you achieve exactly all that you desire from your website. The website that you envision is possible to achieve with the theme’s totally editable layout and the best thing is, you don’t even need to write codes or know about programming skills. Its design is perfect for publishing video content. For any video content-related website, it proves to be the most suitable theme. It also incorporates the best free blogger templates that are key to get started asap when you are running short of time.

The design mainly supports quality visuals supported by a retina-ready design having highly optimized HTML codes ensuring smooth functioning and outstanding performance under any circumstances. Being compatible with different web browsers, this theme also supports online promotion and for that, it has many social media icons included that give more exposure to your content. The bootstrap framework gives it much-needed robust nature and rigidity to perform well during heavy traffic flow as well. This means that your website will hardly be bloated or slow loading when it sees high traffic. With hundreds of blogging websites out there, it is important that your blogging site should get noticed and for that, developers have included SEO optimized codes. These codes take care of all your SEO needs and help your website feature in top positions. If you feel the need to add additional functionality, you can achieve that by making use of add-ons and plugins.

Feminine WordPress Theme

Feminine WordPress Theme

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The approach for business websites has changed as people are looking for more supple and softer designs that can easily grab the attention of their target audience. So for modern businesses, this Feminine WordPress Theme is very well suited. Once you go through the design, there is no going back as it will mesmerize you. Having such a feminist design will not only make your website look highly attractive but also delivers well from a business point of view. It is also great for female-oriented businesses or female entrepreneurs who are looking to step their foot in this competitive business world. With a seamless display of your website on mobile devices as well as small-screen devices, its responsive design makes the page adjust its size automatically according to every screen. To make the theme even more appealing and visually attractive, there is a lot of imagery used which the retina-ready design displays with great clarity and excellence.

Such a design also makes your content shine. It integrates very well with Woocommerce which means, you will be able to transform your website into an online shop that allows selling products online and making online payments as well thanks to its support to different payment gateways. It is also an SEO-friendly theme taking care of the SEO needs and helping you to get features in noticeable SERP ranks to get more organic traffic. The more the traffic, the better are the chances of more business and sales. The best part is, you never have to write codes for implementing the basic changes such as color and typography, background images in the design. With so many useful tools and features, it serves as a useful theme to create a professional business website with a feminist touch.

Blog WordPress Theme

Blog WordPress Theme - best free blogger templates

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If you are looking for a good professional Blog theme then your search ends here as this theme is among some of the best free WP themes with the best free blogger templates as a part of this theme. With a dynamically well-constructed design, it helps you to tell your stories through your blog. To create a perfect look, it has got a modern design that follows the latest blogging trends and incorporates useful features that will make the theme even more conducive and user-friendly for starting a blogging site asap. It is an excellent solution for budding bloggers and blogging enthusiasts who love to share their thoughts and opinions through their blogs. Professional technical bloggers will also find the theme conducive to start their blog initially. The theme documentation has everything written well in detail explaining everything regarding the theme right from doing the theme’s set up to using its features and customization options.

The translation support files are included as a part of this theme’s core making the website support multiple languages thus opening up the doors for non-English speakers also to understand your content. As this theme supports changing the images depending upon the blogging niche you are into, you can transform this theme’s default design into a suitable travel, fashion, food, dance, drama, technical, sports, or any blogging site. If you think that this free theme might not perform well on the technical front, then you will be glad to know that it utilizes highly optimized and secure HTML codes that ensure quick loading pages and fast page response. There is no bloating, no loading times even if your website sees huge traffic flow. The intuitive theme options panel will help you to bring the changes in the layout without writing any single line of code.

VW Sirat

Multipurpose WordPress theme

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Sirat is an amazing theme that has a layout ready to be utilized for multiple purposes including various business as well as blogging niches. With a colorful, vibrant, and intuitive design, this theme brings a new life to your website by making your content speak for your business. You may even make the most of its blog section if you are willing to start a blog and become a full-time blogger. This theme was designed from the ground to be easy for users having various skill levels including novices as well as developers who are about to go through their first web designing experience. Provided with a friendly theme options panel, users will be effortlessly able to make the basic changes in the design thus making it more conducive for their blogs.

When you go through the design, you will notice simple menus in the header with wide space featuring the logo of your blogging website. Considering the fact that a blogging website needs to support multiple languages for targeting a global audience, developers have included .pot files in the core making this theme support multiple languages thus making your content accessible and understandable for people across the globe. To give an outstanding experience to mobile and tablet users as well, this theme provides you with a responsive design adjusting its layout according to the size of the screen. Apart from that, you will like the navigation it has as the header is sticky making navigating through the pages easy. This Best Free Blogger Templates provides you SEO benefits too as the codes are written to make it SEO friendly for fetching top SERP ranks. The Bootstrap framework makes it easily editable and quick loading without causing any lag in the loading times. It is a great theme to start your blogging site with.

VW Writer

WordPress themes for writers - best free blogger templates

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No matter if you are a budding writer or an established writer, this VW Writer theme’s design is absolutely worth trying for getting a professional web appearance. Though it is a free theme, you will never feel as if you are using anything which is less equivalent to a premium theme. This is because it has codes that are very well curated and makes use of the highest coding standards making the theme work efficiently for any writer and professional. With a little twist in the layout, you may also use it for blogging to bring in new and interesting content through blog posts. It is not a surprise that this heme makes it to the list to top free themes. If you have just started for WordPress, it is going to be a savior since it gives you ready-made skin for your website. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the costs involved in creating a website using a theme as it is freely available for use.

You will be able to add easy functionality using the plugins and add-ons without needing to write complicated codes or complicate things by modifying the existing code files. There are unlimited colors as well as font choices provided to you by the color picker and Google Font Awesome respectively. Considering your SEO needs in mind, makers have made the design in a manner to satisfy your SEO demands and get featured in top ranks so that more people will notice you. Eventually, you will end up getting more readers and clients. Along with these, a better user experience is always desired and for that, this theme is made responsive and adaptable to effortlessly adapt to any screen size and work extremely well on mobile devices as well. Get this stunning theme today and start exploring things.

VW Minimalist

Minimalist WordPress theme

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A minimalist design lets you bring the entire attention of your target audience towards the content that you want to draw attention to. So if you want to create such a website that draws attention to the content then you should consider using VW Minimalist. As a blogger or a writer, you want your audience to shift their entire focus towards the content and this is exactly what you will be able to achieve with this minimalist design. It will make the content experience more delightful for users of your website. It won’t create any clutter on the website and gives a phenomenal display of all the content that you put up. There are highly optimized codes in this Best Free Blogger Templates that make the design fast loading and deprived of any lag while loading the pages. Unlike many free themes, it doesn’t bloat even if there are huge traffic flows seen by your website making it one of the best WordPress themes to consider.

To make your website scale perfectly to any screen size, it is provided with a responsive design that will truly make the layout flexible enough to adapt to any device’s screen. Cross-browser compatibility is yet another feather in the theme’s features cap as users will be able to browse through your website using any popular web browser. You will never face any difficulty while working with the theme since it comes very well-documented explaining details regarding its setup and configuration. You will get enough options present with the theme and more importantly, you will get the freedom to change a few aspects of the theme and make it suitable for your blog or any work you do. So you should get a hand on this beautiful theme and start making a functional website in no time.


Hestia - best free blogger templates

Hestia serves as a modern solution for new and modern time bloggers as well as full-time blogging professionals. Whether it is food or restaurant blogs, industry and business blogs,  sports and travel blogs, or beauty-related blogs; it has such a design that will suit any blogging niche. The content of this website is placed at the center point by the retina-ready design. Hestia comes with a multipurpose single-page design that looks great for any blogging site. It has a clean look and shows compatibility with Flat parallax slider, Elementor Page builder as well as Woocommerce and other plugins.



Sydney comes with a powerful design conducive to blogging sites. Freelancers, companies, or professionals may use its design to the fullest resulting in an awesome blogging site. It brings plenty of customization options to the table making it exceedingly easy for you to bring the changes in the layout. For getting instant attention, this Best Free Blogger Templates comes with a full-width slider displaying crystal clear images. Sticky header and simple navigation along with sections to display every info make the overall design interesting. Sydney provides all the useful blog construction blocks and supports all the plugins to create a highly engaging blogging site.


Ashe - best free blogger templates

Being among the popular best free blogger themes, the reason behind Ashe’s popularity is its Blogger-oriented design. Its minimal, elegant and mobile-friendly design gives a good look to the blog making it easily noticeable. Its slider inspires visitors to get deeper into your pages and go through the content that your blog posts bring. There is a main page displaying all the important posts, there are sections to categorize the blog posts that you bring. As the theme comes with well-written documentation, there is absolutely no trouble while doing the setup and doing changes in the layout making it friendly for beginners as well.

New Blog

New Blog

New Blog is a well-developed theme with a clean and sophisticated look ideally suitable for any blogging site or magazine-type blog. With all the basic customization options included in it, it can be totally controlled by the users. No coding skills are needed while making the changes in the layout and all the basic functionality has been implemented to run a professional blogging site. With a layout conducive for travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, technical, sports, or any niche blog, you will be able to achieve the best results for your blogging site. You may also use different plugins if you feel the need to add more features in this Best Free Blogger Templates.

Blog Personal

Blog personal

When it comes to blogging themes that are structured really well and have a dynamically attractive design, you will always find this Blog Personal theme in the list. It takes care of all your blogging needs and requirements resulting in a stunning blog website. It is crafted in a manner that will leave your visitors spellbound as every content displayed on your blogging site get the desired attention. It has got some of the best free blogger templates that are rich in amazing features. Users will definitely love to start with the intuitive theme options panel to get their desired blogging site ready.


Fascinate blog - best free blogger templates

Like its name, Fascinate has got an actually fascinating design for starting a blogging website. Share your travel stories, food experiences, beauty tips, sports knowledge, or anything you think that your audience will find interesting. It is 100% responsive giving you a  clear view of all the screens no matter what the screen size is. It is also compatible with several browsers and devices ranging from tablets to desktops. There is support for different post formats and has a live customizer functionality to help you do the changes and see them live in order to make a website having your own touch.

Blog Diary

Blog diary

You may call Blog Diary a new generation blog theme that is perfect for personal blogs. It gives an immersive browsing experience to the visitors of your website and a clear presentation of content makes the reader spend more time reading your blog posts and other content. With a little makeover, you may use it as a perfect solution for your journals, magazines, editorials, etc. you don’t need to keep on experimenting with the setup as the documentation helps you with everything. You are sure to have a well-designed, highly responsive, and out-of-the-box blogging site that has its entire focus on your content.


Author - best free blogger templates

If you want readers to spend more time reading your content and blog posts, Author is the theme for you to begin with. It performs well for writers and authors. In fact, it is designed by keeping writers in mind but you can still use it to build an effective and interesting blogging site. From fashion, music, to tour and travel blogs, it supports everything. It works great on mobile devices as well as mounted devices such as desktops and laptops. With complete Woocommerce support, it gives you more commercial capabilities as well. There is support for different plugins including Gutenberg post editor.

Prefer Blog

Prefer blog

Yet another perfect theme for a magazine or blog website. It has a features slider, multiple sidebar options, search options and much more making it a full-fledged solution. Adding your content to the layout is very easy and doesn’t need you to be a coding expert. With an inbuilt newsletter and contact forms, you will be able to get the desired subscribers and dedicated readers who will keep coming for every new blog post you upload. Having its entire focus on the uploaded content, the responsive design gives an outstanding reading experience to the users on their mobile phones as well. 

Eye Catching Blog

Eye Catching Blog - best free blogger templates

If you are looking for a clean and minimal design for your blogging site, Eye Catching Blog is the theme for you. It is a very well-curated theme for bloggers and writers who need to create personal blogging sites. It has simple yet effective features along with a retina-ready and responsive design. You don’t need much time to do the theme’s setup as documentation has every detail and instruction written for you. With great typography, it brings more interest of your readers into your blog post. You will find every element needed for building a stunning and engaging blogging site.



If you are ready for a minimal design, then you should try Fairy which is an excellent blog theme that focuses mainly on the content you bring to the table. Being compatible with Gutenberg editor, this theme also has customizer settings that you can use to the fullest to pull out an excellent website. It includes a promotional banner, sidebar, and many more. The theme utilities optimized codes resulting in a lightweight and fast-loading design which is easy to use. Apart from niche blogs, you will be able to use this theme for your magazines and news site too.

Hello Fashion

Hello fashion

When it comes to mobile-friendly WP themes, hello Fashion is the one providing an ideal layout for professional bloggers. With such a design, creating a personal blog or any blogging site will be very easy. It has got a newsletter integration that will be a great help for growing the list of subscribers which allows them to stay in touch. Optimized for speed and performance, you will find the theme support RTL languages along with multi-lingual capability by being translation-ready. It also supports Woocommerce which is great if you decide to commercialize your website. Overall, it is a good theme to start your blogging journey with.



Dashy is a blog theme for WordPress that has an elegant and powerful design along with a responsive layout. Being suitable for any kind of personal as well as professional blogs, Dashy has a reputation to its name as it gives beautifully crafted blogging sites without many efforts. Whether it is a personal or professional blog; you will find that it brings out an exceptional blogging site irrespective of the niche you choose. There are customizer settings to work with proving to be useful for transforming the design according to the blog type. Plus, you can see all the changes that you implement live.

Prefer Blog

Prefer blog

For any blog and magazine site, Prefer Blog has a favorable layout. As it comes with the contact us block and Author block patterns, this makes it easy for you to add the information about the author on the page as well as adding a contact form so that your readers or visitors can write to you. It also consists of a masonry layout and blog post layouts. Besides this, it also comes with the primary color option that allows you to change the color of the entire site with just a single click. It is such an awesome theme to begin your blog.



Complemented with a unique design concept that has a blend of retro and modern design resulting in a dynamically advanced theme for modern-day blogging websites. For expressive bloggers that love to express themselves through their blogs and tell stories, this theme gives you the apt design that will catch the attention. It consists of a flexible featured post slider having unlimited color options along with plenty of customizer settings. This theme allows you to quickly set up a blogging site that looks stunning on every device and come up with a blog that your readers will definitely love to explore.



Built exclusively for blog and publishing websites, Magbook will serve as a one-stop solution for all your blogging site requirements. Being highly responsive, flexible, and clean in design, it is very easy to install with a single click. It has smart sticky navigation allowing users to explore every single section and page of your website with great ease. It also supports popular plugins making it easy for you to extend the theme’s functionality as per the needs. Magbook can also be used for any kind of website and it comes with a flexible design that can be modified using the customization options.

MH Magazine lite

MH Magazine lite

MH Magazine lite is a free responsive theme for newspapers, magazines as well as blogs. This free magazine theme is secure with the latest codes coded as per the standards issued by WordPress. It is also SEO friendly making your theme get noticed online and receive more traffic. You may come with blogs related to business, sports, technology, lifestyle, politics, travel, beauty, gadgets, etc. with its extremely suitable and flexible design. It is easy to tweak on a few fronts and makes your blogging journey easy as you can quickly set up the theme and get started with your blog.

If you want more variation, you should go for the WordPress Theme Bundle. The theme bundle from VWThemes gives you a large collection of WordPress themes that have some of the best blogger templates included. With one time investment, you get access to 100+ themes belonging to niche businesses. It is a smart move to go for a theme bundle as you don’t have to keep on looking for themes every now and then every time you switch or start a new business. With easy customization options, this theme bundle will prove to be a great asset.